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Entry 1 - Passage to Coerthas

Dwassyith Swanra


The first day on the long road ahead had started out quite favourable as the trio of Seekers set out to follow their chosen leader to new shores. They had overcome a few disagreements amongst themselves and a truce was now in place, even if just for the time being. Their stomachs barely satisfied by what vegetation they had found on their way, the Swanra siblings Naelia and Dwassyith with a battered little R’avi Tia in tow made their way to the docks to Coearthas. Their destination beyond that yet uncertain, north was the only guideline. As far away as their sparce gil would get them, preferably to a place where no one would know their faces or ask questions regarding their background.

Upon reaching their docks they discovered that their crossing would not be as solitary as they had hoped, it seemed they would have to share their ferry with a most ominious looking man. A lone Highlander with little words to spare and a peculiar love for his spear. They set sails all the while exchanging wary glancing, yet unaware that their crossing would not go as smoothly as planned.

The Qiqirn Ratcaptain stirred their vessel Northbound, and perhaps a little too far off the coast, the landscape of the lands left behind soon vanished to a thin line on the horizon until they were surrounded by nothing but dark waters and the sky. This lead to an unfortunate encounter with a creature from the depths of the sea, nearly bringing a harsh end to their journey before it even started. The sea did not manage to claim their lives with the joined effort of the group they managed to wring their companions from the clutches of the deep and certain death. However, most of their possessions were lost to the deep. Upon docking on the frozen lands, they found a little solace in a nearby fisher village and ran into Zakuro, who got stuck with them due to Dwassyith’s charm and mere necessity. As the villagers grew more and more territorial with their scarce supplies, the group decided it was time to move on before territorial could grow into hostile. They faced the march through unknown and harsh territories with an uncertain destination.


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