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Entry 31 - A Home For Many

Dwassyith Swanra


After the journey in Kugane, Dwassyith and his collaborators travelled back to Limsa Lominsa. They opened a new business venue called 'The Red Hibiscus', a gentlemen's club and pleasure den owned by Dwassyith but managed by Norien. In the same building, Xihsa'li decided to open a money-lending business.

Many new faces and additions joined the core group: N'Kebbe was met in Kugane, a little alchemist who decided to tag along to help Dwassyith with the refinement of the Dragon Breath herb. At the Hibiscus itself, the group met Kami, a talented musician and entertainer who was discovered to have a knack for shadier business venues. Swiftly after joined Teirra, a pale and black-clad courtesan who also provides medical services for the group. In terms of Home Security, the group had the pleasure to hire the new faces Khadagahn, Gaubert and Anthelme Robillard - a fiesty Au Ra woman and two Ishgardian Elezen on a business mission in Limsa Lominsa. Recently, two hyur men joined the scene - a bouncer by the name of Henri Avery and a fisherman, Tobias Hughes.

The Red Hibiscus has seen weeks bustling with activity, mingling, conflict and all manners of socializing. 


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