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Entry 33 - The Black Dow

Dwassyith Swanra


The big day of the battle over the seas arrived. Dwassyith's team departed from Vesper bay, and as soon as it entered La Noscean waters, it got approached by a looming fog. The Ul'dahn trading vessel got soon boarded by the gigantic 'Black Dow' pirate vessel, which revealed itself to be gargantuan in size the moment it appeared from the magical mists.
A bloody battle ensued on the upper deck, just before Xihsa'li team (made by a xebec ship and a frigate) came to assist, and that's when the pirates got the first thorn sunk into their side. An exchange of magic spells and cannon balls saw the regrettable loss of the lent frigate, but ultimately also the victory of the Lominsan team. As an ending act of the conflict over the waters, the Black Dow got boarded by the winners and amidst the dead bodies and general wreckage of the defeated vessel, the captain Merry Zigzag and his quivering scribe were found and taken as hostages. They got taken to two different locations for interrogation, in order to find out more about who had actually been behind the Black Dow attacks.

Worthy of notice was Kallius, who proved himself to be a valuable addition to the Lominsan team, and coordinated the attacks in harmony with the much younger Keeper male at the head of the group.

Despite the victorious outcome, the losses in terms of money and manpower were far heavier than foreseen. For this reason, all the inhabitants of the Hibiscus were pressured to make more money, in huger quantities and in shorter amounts of time. Kebbe overworked herself in her alchemist laboratory with the production of painkillers, Kami channeled her efforts into her fencing of precious wares, Norien and Xih decided to kick up a greater amount of money weekly from their brothel and money-lending activities. 

Luckily, the unexpected assistance of Baroness Estelle Robillard came into the scene in a very timely way. She entertained a conversation with the golden-eyed Seeker, and offered to pay of her own pocket the debt entailing the sunken frigate, in exchange of a personal favour. The nature of which remained unrevealed, for the moment.

Thanks to Teirra's assistance, Tobias recovery was on its way to completion. Dwassyith discussed with the fisherman a small job entailing cleaning the docks of the presence of the 'Leviathans', a minor gang who has proved to be a nuisance to many. On the job, a new addition would be expected to prove her worth: Athae, an Auri woman of sensual looks and mysterious ways who stated to be well versed in combat. 


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