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Rejects from all walks of life coming together under one brotherhood/sisterhood bound by the promise of "the Oath." Lords, Outlaws, Refugees, Merchants... all are equal before their fellow Oathsworn brothers and sisters.






Free Company

RP Intensity




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  2. Ferathir Dawnbreaker

    Now Recruiting!

    The Oathsworn Vigil is now recruiting! We are a small free company located in the server of Balmung (NA). We primarily focus on Roleplay with the motif of a brother/sisterhood. We also casually engage in content, whether PvE, PvP or Crafting! So even if you don't RP, there is still much that can be done with us! For a time, we've been solely confined to friends and friends of friends. But we are hoping to expand our ranks and make new friends and lasting memories! Even if you are happy with where you are currently at, but find you wish to make new friends as well, the Oathsworn Vigil welcomes you! Reach out to any of our members! If you wish to know more about the FC, always feel free to contact Ferathir Dawnbreaker or Minako Obinata in game or leave a reply here and we will answer whatever questions you may have! See you in Eorzea!
  3. Ferathir Dawnbreaker


    The current home of the Oathsworn Vigil. It is located in Plot 24, 17th Ward in Shirogane.
  4. Ferathir Dawnbreaker

    The Original Four

    The Original Four Oathsworn (Minako, Ferathir, V'ieh & Thata'wo) in one of their quick get-aways.