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  1. In preperations for the expansion, the FC is currently undergoing some pretty big changes that we are very excited for! We are going towards a more militaristic style company, and we are hard at work at creating story driven rp, that is open for anyone to participate in! We also host "D&D style" rp events ! We are recruiting for Heavy Rpers, casual PvE, and light PvP. Come join us and our fight against the empire!
  2. So I missed a day there. I came down with a rather nasty cold and spent most of the day in bed yesterday :sleepy: I'm doing a bit better now, and will reach out to everyone!
  3. Thank you all! You have no idea how happy the responses make me feel! I am rather shy at advertising for things like this! I look forward to getting to know all of you!!
  4. Thank you for your response! I will send you an in-game friend request as soon as I am able! I look forward to getting to know you! :moogle:
  5. Lately my friends list is getting really quite, and I find myself wishing I had more friends to play with/rp with. My characters name is Minako Obinata. She is with the Oathsworn Vigil free company, and she holds their values dear to her heart. She is a Doman refugee, who has settled comfortably in her new homeland. She is always eager to learn more of the culture, and she is happy to spread her culture likewise. Minako is a very warm hearted and optimistic character, sometimes a little absent minded and clumsy..but always full of joy. She has grown fond of the La Noscea region, and b
  6. They both sound really interesting! I'd love to rp sometime, my ign is Minako Obinata. Feel free to shoot me a message if I'm online. :moogle:
  7. Hello! If you ever want to rp, please feel free to look me up! My in game name is Minako Obinata.
  8. Jerciex is such a kind soul. I can just tell! I ran into the nice lad today in Gridania. He was in full uniform–a very impressive look! I only wish our time together was longer.. but alas I was pulled away. He told me that I can usually find him in Gridania, and suggested that I even ask the Nest. They should be able to tell me of his whereabouts. I will do so as soon as I can! There's been something clawing at my mind today. V'ieh. I've never had a sister before.. I really want to spend more time with her. But.. how should I approach it? Ferathir confuses me a little.. he speaks highly
  9. Back to work. Work, work, work. Today we were supposed to go to the Gold Saucer–I've yet to go there. I heard from Ferathir this morning. Actually.. he woke me up. It's a damn good thing he did too. I was already oversleeping. He told me that he spoke with V'ieh yesterday after I had left him. I'm not really clear on when, how, or why, but she managed to get herself into some serious trouble. So much so that she had looked pretty rough. Ferathir had told me about their meeting. He had found her in, I suppose much worse condition than the wounds she carries now. But.. gods. Did that Doman
  10. Oh my… where to even begin. I just finished re-reading my last entry. I've recovered a bit since then. Perhaps this is why I keep this journal. To look back upon some of my lower points, and be thankful that today was much better. Ferathir contacted me today. He said he would be at the faire, so I met up with him. It was busy as usual, yet it's so easy to tune everything out when we are having one of our chatting sessions. He bought some battered fish.. though now that I think of it, he actually got it for free. How lucky! It was delicious! Very crispy. I was so hungry though.. I just pic
  11. I'm lucky that I have recovered from whatever illness that was trying to ail me. It was nothing serious. I'm back in Gridania now. The faire decor is nice. They seem to have put a lot of work into it all. I watched the somber sky illuminate with the bursts of fireworks. Everyone around me watches. If they aren't watching, they are discussing different matters. Catching up with old friends. Meeting new ones. Lovers go hand in hand to see the show. Parents lift their children up high to get a better glimpse at the scene in the sky. So much going on around me. I stand there. I wa
  12. I hear that the Moonfire Faire is upon us. I have yet to attend. Instead, I've been spending most of my time lately in the chilling weather of Ishgard–adventuring duties mostly. My throat is parched and my nose is stuffy. I've been in the cold a bit too long. I revel in the respite however; it's rather nice not having anything to do, even if I'm not well enough to fully enjoy it. I've had time to think. About numerous things. Some small.. like why hasn't anyone tried to contact me through my link pearl. I suppose I'm just as much to blame. Hmm.. it's been awhile since I've seen my Oathswo
  13. Has it really been so long since I last made an entry? Hmm.. I've come to know Ferathir more. We spent plenty of time chatting at the mist about a number of things. Mostly the "Where are you from" "What's it like there" sort of questions. Not only have I learned more about him, but what it means to make the oath. It's quite a bit of relief on my end honestly. I now understand that there are two types of pledges. I was inducted with the more.. how did he say it.. "easier" pledge. It makes sense. I was a complete stranger, and in some ways perhaps I still am. T'would be rather extreme to in
  14. Finally! Finished putting the last stitch in those cushions! I turned my work order into the guild! Now, I shall sit and gather my thoughts! I'm honestly amazed that I managed to get all of this done actually. Fatigue finally overcome my body with all the crafting.. mining–oh yeah! I joined the miners guild. Ferathir did mention he wanted to buy a house for his company. I wish I could help him..but I'm so low on gil as it is. So, I took up mining. I fell asleep, though not intentionally, on a bench in Gridania. I'm not sure how long I was lying there.. and I hope noone scoffed at me.
  15. I think Mina and Aris could have known each other in Othard. There is so much open room with Mina to build upon, so I'm open to new ideas!
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