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Black Griffin is a group of adventurers and mercenaries looking to make the world a little better while making a bit of coin along the way. Led by Aedan Marceaux, the company is based in the Lavender Beds. It is from here that they operate, taking on dangerous, but lucrative, leves and contracts all across Hydaelyn. Whether it’s delving into ruins for a lost relic, taking out any manner of vicious man or beast, or hunting down the occasional void the company is never wanting for work.


Fliers are posted in all city-states and most popular taverns in an attempt to catch the eye of the wandering adventurer in search of gil, glory, and adventure.



Black Griffin Adventuring Company is an adventure themed Roleplaying Company on the Balmung server, Crystal datacenter.


We are a group of like-minded adults who enjoy the game through roleplay and everything else it offers. We even like each other so much we like to play other games together!


We are understanding of people having lives outside of the game as many, if not all, of us also have children, full time jobs and other responsibilities that take our time. As such, we strive to make a welcoming and fun environment for all of our members to enjoy with what limited time they may have away from said responsibilities.


While some members may be on at different points of the day depending on their own personal responsibilities, the large amount of activity, or peak time, for the company occurs in the evenings from about **7:00 PM to 11:00 PM CST.**


What we are looking for...

Aside from characters and players that match the above...


Black Griffin is primarily an RP company. As such, we are looking for players that wish to join us, primarily, in our RP adventures. Several of our members do enjoy other aspects (such as raiding, dungeons, maps, pvp) of the game, as well, but our focus is on RP. We do have an OOC rank for those that wish to join us but not RP, but this is generally limited to friends and family of current members.


The characters in the company can be described as “good leaning” at the very least. What this means is that while characters with grey or darker morales can join the company, they may have a hard time fitting in as the company’s goal is to make the world a better place. We are looking for players that are active and engaging. While we don't have an attendance policy of any sort, nor force people to join in on events, we firmly believe that you only get out of a company what you're willing and able to put in. As such, if you join us but don’t play with us either through RP or otherwise, you're not likely to get much enjoyment out of being in the company.


To go along with the above sentiment, we do not spoon feed people RP. If you are looking for a company where RP will just land in your lap with no effort on your part, it’s best to look somewhere else. Our officers plan two weekly events (1 RP, 1 PvE with an additional social RP event to be added at least once a month) for the company to participate in as they can. All members are encouraged to create events and RP on days outside of those officer-led events.

And finally, we are looking to remain a relatively small company. While we appreciate some people's desire to join a company with dozens upon dozens of members on at all times, we feel that members just start to become nameless numbers lost in a crowd. To that end, while we don't really have a particular hard cap in mind at this point, we can't imagine having more than maybe twenty active members at once.


For more information about our rules and policies, as well as how to apply, visit our carrd by clicking here!


You can also join our discord to talk directly to our officer core by clicking the link below:



Please note: as of right now we are only wishing to recruit players/characters on the Balmung server. We do not, currently, have any plans of recruiting crossworlds or making a crossworld linkshell.


Happy hunting and we hope to see you in game!

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