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An RP Free Company dedicated to fending off the chaos of the darkness and helping all that need aid. RP for all class/jobs/disciplines.





Group Type

Free Company


Military-style Defenders


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  2. Astral Dawn is an Adventurer's roleplaying Free Company that is but one of many in our large and growing gaming community. Our entire community has more than 500 players on various different games that include, SWTOR, WoW, ESO, Guild Wars 2 and D&D respectively. Each guild/FC in each game has their own set or rules and regulations but one constant is that we are a caring and welcoming bunch and will welcome anyone with open arms!The IC (In-character) origin of Astral Dawn is set before the events of ARR (A Realm Reborn), that sees a group of adventurers, notice the growing chaos that plagues Eorzea and feels as though not enough is being done to combat it with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn focused on the Primals and the city-states being weakened by the Calamity. As a result, Astral Dawn was born as a means to combat all threats that are tied into the chaos. For more on our back story, feel free to follow this link to read it all: https://sokangaming.com/dawnoriginOur FC follows a military-like rank structure that would see you come into the FC as a wanderer, and through their accomplishments, rise up through the ranks. We will never keep anyone down and everyone will get an equal opportunity to reach the top so long as you show a positive attitude and are able to be a productive member of our community. If you are interested in knowing more or joining, please go to https://sokangaming.com/dawnffxiv for more information or send me, Vandill Inman, a tell if you see me in game. I hope to see you very soon!