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The central hub linkshell for Malboro's RP community, and largest role play linkshell on the server. Currently establishing a list of weekly mini events and nudging people to get involved in impromptu encounters. Owned by Ginal Everheart/Amythine Sunweaver, moderated by Temperance Brennan and Vaati Sora.





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  2. Please post here if you have a RP venue you run from your own home! The Emerald Rose floral shop, owned by Ginal and Selah Everheart. Lavender Beds ward 2, plot 41. Soleilune Vigil, the Ishgardian embassy, owned by Amythine Sunweaver and Isuka Brennan. The Goblet ward 4, plot 43. Wondrous Finds treasure store, owned by Vaati Sora. The Goblet ward 16, plot 42. The Hideaway eatery and bar, owned by Okami Maru. Shirogane ward 13, plot 20.
  3. until
    Kaydron Fornax will be your bartender this evening, sliding you ales and listening to your tales. Join your fellow adventurers for an evening of relaxation between bouts of battle. Ginal Everheart, the Emerald Rose of Gridania, might even stop by to soothe your soul with a song or two! The exact venue may change sometimes, so please be sure to contact Kaydraon Fornax on Malboro for more information.
  4. Vaati Sora really likes money, and treasures worth lots of money. It's fortunate for her, then, that the ancient vaults of the Uznair Canals might just hold relics to help her solver her friend's split-persona problem...or at least they should have enough money to help her buy the solution. Answer Vaati's bills for aid in exploring these ancient vaults, and you can take your own small fortune home--all while helping with her friend's damaged soul. Contact Vaati Sora on Malboro for more information.
  5. Ambassador Amythine Sunweaver of Ishgard is leading the fight against a new dragon horde led by the mighty Tarasque. Meanwhile, an insurrection against the new Ishgard government seeks to revert the nation to its old ways, and cast out those who would embrace change. Amythine is dedicated to her people, and will fight to her last breath if she must, but she is only one person. Bills have been posted in the major cities looking for mercenary aid on both the dragon attacks and the insurrectionist. Contact Ginal Everheart/Amythine Sunweaver on Malboro for more information if you're interested.
  6. List of RP Events for Malboro As of September 2018 These events will be taking place every week, with formal schedules for all that are applicable. Tuesday 8pm eastern/7pm central--Liquid Therapy: Tired from a weekend of adventuring and monster slaying? Or does the week ahead hold so much danger and excitement that you can barely contain yourself? Either way, Kaydron Fornax will be your bartender this evening, sliding you ales and listening to your tales. The exact venue may change week to week, so contact Kaydron Fornax for more info. Friday 8pm eastern/7pm central--Good Hunting: X’Rossa “Rosa” Cilla is Eorzea’s most notorious monster hunter…! In her daydreams, anyway. Join X’rossa as she scours the continents, hunting anything and everything posted on a hunt bill. X’rossa will help anyone who joins farm up allied seals/centurio seals for glamour gear, crafting materials, mount speed boosts and more, all while mixing in some camping trips and Rosa’s patented antics. Contact X’rossa Cilla for more info. Saturday 8pm eastern/7pm central--All That Glitters: Vaati Sorra really likes money, and treasures worth lots of money. After discovering passages into the ancient vaults of the Uznair Canals, though, and trying to find a solution to a friend’s split-personality problem, Vaati might be in over her head. Help Vaati dive into the depths of the various Uznair vaults, and see if any of the relics buried within can help her help her friend--and make a little money in the process, of course! Contact Vaati Sorra for more info. Sunday 9pm eastern/8pm central--The Grand Lament: Amythine Sunweaver, Ishgard’s newest ambassador to southern Aldenard, is coordinating a campaign against a new series of dragon attacks--and the insurrection against Ishgard’s new government that may be linked. A summary for this storyline may be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hw1bfH1C60y28N4YAKYp3Tcx9BSncJprLgj8xeks3RE/edit?usp=sharing Contact Ginal Everheart/Amythine Sunweaver or Temperance Brennan for more info. If you want to propose a mini-event to add to the weekly list, or have questions, contact Ginal Everheart/Amythine Sunweaver, Temperance Brennan/Isuka Brennan or Vaati Sora. **Please forgive the eyesore of rampant bold text. This is a copy/paste and I cannot seem to alter the formatting. I will update the formal calendar soon with these listings.**
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