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About This Club

A Dalmascan company backed by a wealthy yet enigmatic family as they pursue wealth, knowledge, and rather...nefarious ends.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Crime, Relics & Acquisition, Trading & Business


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Running maps for dat sweet, sweet loot.
  3. From the album: Memberships & RP

    A photoshoot with members Xerkas and Khali
  4. From the album: Memberships & RP

    A photoshoot with members Xerkas and Khali
  5. From the album: Memberships & RP

    A photoshoot with members Xerkas and Khali
  6. Happy world transfer day! Our first storyline is continuing underway with our second storyline, The Eye of Aurora, slated to start in the coming weeks! This will be the long-term storyline that will run alongside In the Dark of the Night and into ShB. Recruitment has opened up again on schedule with a flurry of new applicants within the last day or so! If the rate continues as is we might dip into another soft close for recruitment to get the new members adjusted and get their hooks into the Scythewood's storylines. With an active membership core forming, we'll soon be opening up ourselves to cross-group RP and alliances that have been in development since shortly after the FC was founded in the middle of March. This will include FCs, LSs, and RP groups bound by their own interweaving storylines. Already there's been many smaller interactions with individuals interested to involve the Scythewoods in their own stories and it's enriched our immersive environment all the more!
  7. From the album: Memberships & RP

    One of the Guardians to the Scythewood family.
  8. Another of our successful Volunteer Nights to help members clear old and new content for completion, glamours, MSQ, and more!
  9. In wake of the assault on those who left Khali as a 'gift' for the Scythewoods, there has been silence while the intel gathered has been studied and processed by Delilah and her kin. That silence is now to be broken and a counterattack planned.
  10. Tonight was the official start to our pre-ShB storyline, In the Dark of the Night. We'll be opening up recruitment again a little sooner than anticipated on Sunday now that trial members have been settled and gatherings/events are starting to fall into a pattern. Please check our site for details and links to further information and apps as we use the RPC for posting updates but take messages either in-game or in discord! Thank you to those who have already messaged us thus far. Have a happy weekend!
  11. From the album: PvE

    Got to the end of a map roulette with all five floors being golden exclamation marks!
  12. Delilah Scythewood


    Screenshots of our members doing content together!
  13. From the album: PvE

    Bottom of a Thief Map!
  14. While the game is down, <Scythe> will have various opportunities to play other games together such as Stardew Valley, Cards against Humanity, Overwatch, and more!
  15. With a surprisingly active start and a flurry of new members and interest with allied FCs and affiliates, <Scythe> is putting a soft close on recruitment for the next 1.5-2 weeks to allow new members time to settle and pass their trial period. Updates will be posted when this soft close restriction lifts!
  16. Strange messages. A crate with a surprise visitor delivered inside. Missing employees. Leads are finally obtained and answers start to surface. First official event for the In the Dark of the Night storyline.
  17. Map run for gil, mats, and fun!
  18. A private celebration in Shirogane for those under the Scythewood employ to celebrate the official opening of Obsidian Holdings!
  19. An evening where members help each other clear old and new content, farm, and anything else that might be of need.
  20. From the album: Memberships & RP

    Arranging business with Baji Rao.
  21. From the album: Memberships & RP

    Playing in the yard!
  22. From the album: Memberships & RP

    Personal assistant to Delilah Scythewood.
  23. From the album: Memberships & RP

    The Scythewoods had to handle a...unexpected guest.
  24. From the album: Memberships & RP

    The Scythewood's private opening celebration for all employees.
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