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A cross-world linkshell, themed to be a small, tight-knit group of adventurers dedicated to keeping peace and order across Eorzea and the lands beyond. Beyond the generic description, this linkshell is designed to connect people together for RP opportunities on the Crystal data-center. For in-character purposes, the individuals participating in this linkshell are of their own setting, being the heroes of their own story with other adventurers being backdrops. When out in the various cities they're just like everyone else. RP would mostly be done in /party chat to keep things private between the group.





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  2. Thanks for joining this little piece I call my idea. I'm Garre Brenna, from Goblin - having just recently transferred over from Balmung to escape the congested server status and to continue leveling my character in a relatively chill and relaxed environment. This topic will be jumping from one thing to another as I work on it, but a lot of what I'm expecting out of this Linkshell will be posted in here. "Lunatic Requiem is a small, tight-knit collection of adventurers eager to put in some good work to benefit all people of Eorzea and the realms beyond its borders. It was originally formed in secret days after the Fall of Dalamud by survivors of its destruction to essentially pick up where the Warriors of Light had left off - since they were gone, someone had to step in. Thanks to her newfound wealth from haphazardly coming across a massive treasure trove deep in the ruins of an old temple, the group's proprietor Garre Brenna funds the Requiem's operations across the world." There are a few things that I want to go over so that everyone is in understanding and, should they join, know what they're getting themselves into. This is not a Free Company. This is a Cross-World Linkshell designed to gather like-minded players together into a consolidated spot. This is largely a private Linkshell. Stories done through RP in this Linkshell are kept between the participants. I want to establish a separation of Linkshell Canon and World Canon so that interactions outside of the Linkshell can happen without the need of trying to explain Linkshell story beats to non-participants. Linkshell Canon is referred to as the player-driven story and plot developed through RP taking place between the members of the Linkshell. This is generally kept closed-off to non-participants if they are not members of the Lunatic Requiem Cross-World Linkshell. This would be the real meat and substance of the Linkshell, developing an over-arching story separate from the game's canon. World Canon is defined as the actual in-game storyline and plot of Final Fantasy XIV, which all players experience through the eyes of one Warrior of Light. In RP context, World Canon would be placing characters in this linkshell as random adventurers not involved in the grand scheme of the overarching plot and story. Interactions with players outside of the Linkshell would be asked to not refer to the Linkshell Canon so liberally. Public RP is usually done under the context that we are just random adventurers among many - which leads into our first actual section of "policy" (I won't inundate you with information but just want to set some ground rules). 1. Character and Player Interaction There is absolutely no limit to what players can do in terms of interacting with one another. Story-driven "events" will be scheduled ahead of time, but what participants do for in between them is largely up to them. Just please be sure to respect your fellow players - treat them as you would want to be treated. 2. Voice Communication This is absolutely not necessary, but I would like to have everyone be coordinated through voice communications - Discord and whatnot. When it's in use, however, please follow the same as above and treat one another with respect. 3. Game Content End-game content is not going to be our focus but for those times in between where we can't find any roleplay it would be prudent of us as a group to engage in the end-game content for the expansion.
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