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  1. I would say it's either that or an established agreement to roleplaying on the First, exclusively - and that characters involved are, themselves, from the First (unless, of course, if you keep the RP between yourself and a group of friends you could roleplay some of them as being the Warrior(s) of Light from the Source).
  2. Thanks for joining this little piece I call my idea. I'm Garre Brenna, from Goblin - having just recently transferred over from Balmung to escape the congested server status and to continue leveling my character in a relatively chill and relaxed environment. This topic will be jumping from one thing to another as I work on it, but a lot of what I'm expecting out of this Linkshell will be posted in here. "Lunatic Requiem is a small, tight-knit collection of adventurers eager to put in some good work to benefit all people of Eorzea and the realms beyond its borders. It was originally
  3. I would like to join! I'll send in an application on Garre Brenna as soon as I get the opportunity. I transferred off of Balmung to Goblin to leave a congested world in case I ever had friends interested in playing the game, to prevent them from running into the problem of not being able to create new characters on a server I was playing on.
  4. Nothing changes in this city. Garre'to pursed his lips and grimaced, standing out by the half-partition just outside of the Quicksand. He was leaning on his elbows, arms crossed against the surface, his eyes scanning the adjacent avenue for nothing in particular. Five years since he had come to this city and he had made the same observation on numerous ocassions -- the city, to him, was becoming stagnant. Since he had completed his lengthy training with the Sultantsworn, he found there was very little else to do, and he was eager to test his newfound arts as a free Paladin. Yet one w
  5. I decided to make it into a Linkshell instead. I'd already joined a pretty decent casual FC.
  6. Hi, folks! I'm not necessarily a "newcomer" to the community, but I guess that really doesn't matter considering I started playing right after 2.0's release and quit about a month in. I've been playing the game pretty steadily for about a month and a half, and realized very recently that it's been pretty difficult for me to walk up to random folks around the RP hubs to initiate RP. So I'm looking to make some RP connections. My character Garre'to Brenna is a Moonkeeper Miqo'te who'd trained as a Gladiator and has, just recently, completed his training of four years to become a Free P
  7. I've been looking for a way to connect with the RP community on Gilgamesh, and this might be the best way. Can someone send an invite to Garret Brennar whenever they have the chance?
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