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Recruiting Now!

For more information and to apply to the FC visit us at our website: https://wl.enjin.com/ 

Questions? Reach out to: Coywolffe#0013 or Fethend#0001 on Discord.

Wanderlust is a creation with varied goals in mind.

We want an environment that fosters friendliness, a welcoming atmosphere, and everyone to feel comfortable with both their roleplay, and overall interaction with others.


There's a few key ways we maintain this.

First, is our core structure. Our leadership have seen the rise and fall of numerous Free Companies, and just like real life, it often comes down to a matter of management and/or policy. So, we decided to forgo the oft-used method of a leader, and an officer group. Rather, we have a council of 3, each experienced with management of their own. We hold checks and balances with each other, long friendship and trust helping to hold true to it.


After them, we have our officer core to assist. As well, there are our veteran members, who can help with some of the more day-to-day tasks of the FC.


Second, we greatly value transparency and communication. If someone is upset, we want to know about it, so we can find a resolution. If something happens, we want people to know about it, so they can form their own thoughts and opinions, doing our best to provide all applicable information, instead of allowing a "He said she said" fight.


Finally, we actively encourage participation. Our leaders will work on an overarching guild storyline, but we want our members to feel like they have input too. If someone wants to run an event, they need only run it by our leadership to give the okay. If someone wants to run someone who might be stretching lore, run it by us, we'll figure if it's okay. We want everyone to have their voice.

So feel free to stop by Wanderlust Hall. We'll be happy to welcome you!


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