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Hanakotoba Ochaya serves as both an exclusive Geisha house and a place of criminal elements. Employees and guests can come and go, enjoying the beautiful setting while never realizing that there is more than what meets the eye going on behind closed doors. We have our own internal story chapters progressing monthly and host events to generate RP for our members and the server community. We collaborate with individuals and other Free Companies to establish connections, write epic adventures and enjoy this ride called FFXIV. Members of the Ochaya can be hired to attend public and private events such as festivals, ceremonies and other celebrations. Scenes and more darker types of RP scenarios can be arranged ahead of time to help RPers with their own personal stories or participate in FC story archs. Because of the nature of the Ochaya, our FC is a neutral territory with mature themes. Though it is not the gritty side of life at all times, we do ask players and their characters to be 18yo. For more information, please visit https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/ochaya





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Entertainment / Criminal elements


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  2. IC Information On the surface… Adorning the vibrant, sun-splashed coast of Vylbrand’s Mists lies an Ochaya of renowned reputation for it’s welcoming hospitality where a patron’s desires are met beyond expectations. It’s gleaming white exterior and resplendent pale gold trim lend credence to the golden sandy shores and dazzling turquoise waters. The Ochaya is aptly named Hanakotoba which means ‘the secret language of flowers”. The beautiful Geisha and Maiko who grace the halls wear fragrant flowers in their hair and dress in lavish silk garments in an array
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