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FC NAME: Blood Raven Coterie FC TAG: <BLOOD>. WORLD: Balmung. LEADERS: Daciana Sangebautor FC HOUSE ADDRESS: The Blood Raven Estate, Goblet Ward 20 Plot 54. TYPE OF FC: Roleplay Centric, Dark Themes. ACTIVE TIME: NA Evenings (UTC -6). WEBSITE: https://bloodraven.crd.co. . CONCEPT DESCRIPTION: The Blood Raven Coterie <BLOOD> is a group that is looking to create and facilitate an immersive horror/vampire themed experience that could conceivably exist within the confines of the Final Fantasy XIV universe and its lore as we know it. While the premise is vampiric in nature, all manner of beings are welcome to join. We really strive to make it a community that can adapt to different characters and players alike. Please check out our carrd for additional information, or contact either of the leaders if you have further inquiries. Thank you for your time!





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Horror, Vampire, Mature, Dark


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