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When Sharlayan abandoned Eorzea, the fount of knowledge they held was scattered to the four winds...or locked away behind nigh impossible barriers. One Sharlayan, Joyful Song, renounced her homeland and vowed to bring the world, not just Eorzea but all who sought to better themselves, a place to learn any and all things without the harsh hands of the Old World strangling creative freedom. Thus, the Collector's Organization of Magitechnical and Esoteric Treasures, (COMET) was founded in a neutral territory--Kugane--as a bastion of learning for any and all peoples. Hiring everything from Alchemists, to Zoologists, and everything in-between, COMET collects treasures, relics, and materials from all over the world, recovering the secrets of the past, researching into the present, and coming up with new creations to better the future of all. Each department and Seeker (or official member of COMET) specializes in a unique feature of the world--from the Seekers of Aether, to the Seekers of the Land, any and all characters are welcome to join with their fellow adventurers, researchers, and explorers here in the safety and creative freedom of COMET.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventure, Research, Hunting


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