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  1. Qeh

    RP Events

    Adventure, Excitement, and Chill Nights
  2. Qeh

    Map Night!

    Map Day! Bring a Map! Get FREE CASH!
  3. Qeh

    Content Day!

    Content Day! Need something cleared? Want to learn a fight? Today's the day to try! Come join your friends and fight some baddies!
  4. Qeh

    Free Company RP Day

    Members vote on the campaigns we participate in, all with our own unique system of RP combat and interactions. Each campaign is unique and focused on a certain aspect of character building! Player's easy to use and easy to build character sheets allow for fair and balanced play, with a hint of chance using the /random roll system. Every Sunday
  5. Qeh

    Content Day!

    Content Day! Need something cleared? Want to learn a fight? Today's the day to try! Come join your friends and fight some baddies!
  6. Qeh

    Map Night!

    Map Night! Bring a Map! Get FREE Cash!
  7. Qeh

    Bar Night!

    The Dark Alements Bar & Grill Every fifth day of the week, COMET opens its doors to the public for an open bar night. With lavish food, comfortable settings, and great company, COMETs bar night is a popular attraction throughout Mateus, with packed seating nearly every week. The Dark Alements features a specially unique menu, featuring ingame food item descriptions and a series of drinks based in reality that you won't find anywhere else! We also have a one-of-a-kind drinking game that you won't see in any bar, anywhere on the server! Come on down, grab a seat, get some
  8. Qeh

    Map Days!

  9. Your Access Card: A card that has been crafted out of crystal. It is astonishingly flat, and surprisingly light in weight. The sunshine dances along its face and prisms all over the room when you hold it to a window. It reads: "The bearer of this card is under the protection of their contract with COMET. May no path be barred to he who bears it. Should the owner prove unworthy, let another come to bear it forth." At the bottom, it has an empty space for a name, a profession, and a special ID Number. This is a special card that allows you to access certain parts of the estate. It'
  10. C.O.M.E.T "Hello there. I am Joyful Song, founder and proprietor of C.O.M.E.T. Growing up in Sharlayan, I took to understanding that keeping knowledge safe was one of the most important things one could do with their life...however, not all people share such a goal, and some others still are keen to hoard things for their own sakes. I am, however...cut from a different sort of cloth.As a member of this establishment, The Collector's Organization of Magitechnical and Esoteric Treasures, you are charged with one simple task: find your passion, and keep it safe here, with us. We tak
  11. Highlights of COMET♣Medium-Rare MembershipI don’t like big FCs. They’re too impersonal. You don’t know who the hell is who. You’re one body in a sea of other bodies. That’s dumb. On the other hand, when someone says they’re a “family friendly” FC, that usually means they are small and packed full of cliques and drama.I hate both. So I decided to have a happy medium.◘We do thingsWhat’s the point in forking over cash monthly for a game you sit and do nothing on? My answer would be, there isn’t. So here at COMET, we do things. We do raids. We do trials. We kill primals. We run map groups. We Role
  12. COMET Rules and Regulations Welcome to COMET. My name is Joyful Song, and at the time this is being written, I am the Free Company leader. I would like to take some time to explain the basic rules and regulations here, so please pay attention to them. They’re fairly short, so it shouldn’t take too long. 1:) Just don’t be a dick.You’re a grown-ass adult. You know what is right and what is wrong, and that means you know what being a dick entails. If you post spoilers in the Free Company chat, that’s being a dick. If you take something that’s not yours, that’s being a dick. If you tell s
  13. Qeh

    404: Not found

    MiND When you piss off your public relations officer, they might get rid of every single one of your websites. Including this one.
  14. Qeh

    Even MORE RP events

    A second Album
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