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    Adventure, Excitement, and Chill Nights
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    Map Night!

    Map Day! Bring a Map! Get FREE CASH!
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    Content Day!

    Content Day! Need something cleared? Want to learn a fight? Today's the day to try! Come join your friends and fight some baddies!
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    Free Company RP Day

    Members vote on the campaigns we participate in, all with our own unique system of RP combat and interactions. Each campaign is unique and focused on a certain aspect of character building! Player's easy to use and easy to build character sheets allow for fair and balanced play, with a hint of chance using the /random roll system. Every Sunday
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    Content Day!

    Content Day! Need something cleared? Want to learn a fight? Today's the day to try! Come join your friends and fight some baddies!
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    Map Night!

    Map Night! Bring a Map! Get FREE Cash!
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    The Dark Alements Bar & Grill Every fifth day of the week, COMET opens its doors to the public for an open bar night. With lavish food, comfortable settings, and great company, COMETs bar night is a popular attraction throughout Mateus, with packed seating nearly every week. The Dark Alements features a specially unique menu, featuring ingame food item descriptions and a series of drinks based in reality that you won't find anywhere else! We also have a one-of-a-kind drinking game that you won't see in any bar, anywhere on the server! Come on down, grab a seat, get some friends, and enjoy yourself! Check out our Menu!
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    Map Days!

  9. Your Access Card: A card that has been crafted out of crystal. It is astonishingly flat, and surprisingly light in weight. The sunshine dances along its face and prisms all over the room when you hold it to a window. It reads: "The bearer of this card is under the protection of their contract with COMET. May no path be barred to he who bears it. Should the owner prove unworthy, let another come to bear it forth." At the bottom, it has an empty space for a name, a profession, and a special ID Number. This is a special card that allows you to access certain parts of the estate. It's to make sure that people don't accidentally mess something up because they don't know what they're doing (like a fistfighter in an alchemist's workplace) or end up taking something. (Like the Vault that houses all the rare and dangerous items COMET has collected.) Depending on your Seeker Role, you'll be able to enter (and be restricted from) certain parts of the house. This will force members to seek one another's aid if they need something particular. Your Company Linkpearls Members are originally given one Linkpearl to communicate with other members of the Organization. However, the Heads of each group may also want to give you a Linkpearl to members of their section to communicate more effectively with their fellow minds. Additional Benefits In-Character ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Comet's Treasure Vault: A highly secure vault located deep within the bowels of COMET's estate, the Black Hole is nigh impossible to break into...and contains the following treasures hidden inside... Click here to view the entire list so far! Free Room and Board on the estate Creative Freedom to research/hunt/create outside of normal laws. (We'll look the other way.) An IC paycheck of around 60,000 gil a moon. (month) [[Note: We can't actually pay you guys that much a month in-game.]] Oversight to local rules if one is carrying their COMET card. (Like if your character gets in trouble with local authorities. Sometimes you can get a free pass.) Access to certain parts of the estate (depending on your card's access limitations.) Freedom to come and go as you please.
  10. C.O.M.E.T "Hello there. I am Joyful Song, founder and proprietor of C.O.M.E.T. Growing up in Sharlayan, I took to understanding that keeping knowledge safe was one of the most important things one could do with their life...however, not all people share such a goal, and some others still are keen to hoard things for their own sakes. I am, however...cut from a different sort of cloth.As a member of this establishment, The Collector's Organization of Magitechnical and Esoteric Treasures, you are charged with one simple task: find your passion, and keep it safe here, with us. We take all kinds here, as you might have noticed on your way in... After all, who better to understand the value of a plant's leaf than an Alchemist, and who better to know to tend to an ancient blade than one who forges them from scratch? Artisan craftsmen, hunters of beasts, researchers, historians, mages, engineers--I've a place for any soul whose love of their interest drives them to make sure that knowledge is kept safe for future generations to learn from.Once you've joined our establishment, you'll have free reign of our estate, at least the parts that pertain to your specific field of interest. We've state-of-the-art facilities here, from our library, to our kitchens, to our infirmaries, and our large acres for housing specimens. Room and board are, of course, provided absolutely for free. All I ask of you is that you make progress; you are, as of your membership, a seeker of knowledge...so go out and find something." TL;DR -- COMET is a lot of things...a Library, a Research Center, a Museum, a Zoo, a Botanical Garden, an Airship Yard, a Training Facility, a Relics Restoration site... If your character has a passion to learn things and preserve them, whether it's studying rocks, making swords, killing monsters, plundering tombs, or keeping old things looking new, C.O.M.E.T will give you a place to stay and all the money and/or resources you need to see it done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:] A Seeker Must Seek Something.Whether you're researching something new, reviving something old, hunting down a dangerous monster, or inventing a new item, you have to be doing something. If you're doing nothing, why are you even here?2:] Know when to fight, and how.Every one of you needs to be able to defend themselves somehow. Some basic combat ability is required in this line of work; you never know what you'll run into.3:] Don't lose your card.No matter what happens, the title of "Seeker" cannot be taken from you. However, we will not give you a second card, irregardless of the circumstance in which you lost it. If you cannot be responsible enough to keep it safe, you are simply unworthy to have it.4:] Friendly Fire is on. You may neither harm nor kill your coworkers, unless given special permission. If you betray COMET in any fashion, you will be considered an enemy and dealt with in accordance to your crime.5:] You can get promoted. If you perform well in your respective field, you will be promoted, giving you more access and control over whatever it is you do, and will give you senior authority over others. [[Think of it as extra EXP from a Dungeon Master if you do something creative.]]6:] Created Equal. All "Seekers" are equal in standing, regardless of their field. A Seeker of the Culinary is no more or less a Seeker than a Seeker of Beasts. I won't have any member-measuring contests here.7:] Be Civil. All members of the housing staff are to be treated with respect. Period. They are the reason the estate is in pristine order. They are the reason there is food on your plate. A thank you is the least that is in order. 8:] Be Smart. Knowledge must be kept safe, no matter the cost--however if it is too dangerous to be kept, record what you can, and dispose of it safely.9:] COMET is NEUTRAL. While we have no direct interference with the Garlean War, if interests allign, members are permitted to become involved temporarily. Some people may feel differently; however, all that matters is that COMET is still standing when the war is done, no matter who wins.10:] COMET Comes First.You may freely serve whatever smaller factions you are affiliated with; your home-town, your city-state, your Grand Company, and your friends--at the end of the day however, COMET takes priority over all of them. You report to me over all others; your application said as much, you submitted it, so you've agreed to it.
  11. Highlights of COMET♣Medium-Rare MembershipI don’t like big FCs. They’re too impersonal. You don’t know who the hell is who. You’re one body in a sea of other bodies. That’s dumb. On the other hand, when someone says they’re a “family friendly” FC, that usually means they are small and packed full of cliques and drama.I hate both. So I decided to have a happy medium.◘We do thingsWhat’s the point in forking over cash monthly for a game you sit and do nothing on? My answer would be, there isn’t. So here at COMET, we do things. We do raids. We do trials. We kill primals. We run map groups. We Role Play. We throw parties. We do out of character stuff like movie nights and play other games together.►HousingGuess who has two thumbs with a large mansion in Shirogane? These guys do. Everything that’s in and outside of it was farmed, gathered, crafted, and raided for by the Free Company. What’s the point in working hard if you don’t have swaggin’ trophies to prove it? Want to check it out? Ward 2, plot 7!•Talking and stuffWe have Discord, because it’s literally the easiest way to communicate. It can be used on mobile devices and computers alike, so the only person to blame for never knowing anything is you, and you alone. Is it mandatory? No. Is it probably a good idea to have it? Yeah. But in the event someone can’t, we have a website to manage these things.☼ Manure smells and we don’t like it.You’ll notice that the rules and descriptions of things are written in a way that is completely lacking in tact and finesse. It’s true, a lot of Free Companies like to keep their outside appearances professional, but I’ve personally found that once you’re on the inside, it’s a turd tornado of epic terribleness. I don’t want to mislead people leading my own FC, so I’ll be blunt when it comes to talking about things. We’re casual and loose around here--and we’re civil about things. If you can’t be civil about things, or can’t take jokes, or can’t talk about your feelings to others like an adult, you’re probably better off looking somewhere else. Is that harsh? Yeah, but it’s honest. I won’t lie to your face or sugar-coat things, and neither will the staff.Can we be graceful and tact? Absolutely, when the time is needed for it. But this is a game to relax and enjoy ourselves in...so we’re going to. [Bottom line here is, we neither tolerate nor spout bullshit.] QQ & A: ((Quick Questions and Answers.)) Q: How many members do you have?A: 60 members total. However, our goal is to stop at 150 members and stay there. We trim down our member list if they haven't been on in a month and haven't given a notice.Q: Do you guys RP?A: We RP at least twice a week. (For now.) You can even come up with your own mini-missions and all sorts of stuff!Q: Where is your house?A: We live in a fabulously lavish mansion in Shirogane, Ward 2, plot 7! It's open house, so come on in! If you're IC and looking for a reason to come in, COMET has mammets passing out flyers looking for experts all over the world. Q: What time are you guys active?A: Our most active traffic is from 8:00am CST to around 11:00pm CST. Q: What events do you do SPECIFICALLY?A: Glad you asked. Here's our signup sheet used to coordinate events!COMET's Meteor Shower of Events Q: Are you LGBTQ friendly?A: LGBTQ members are more than welcome here, and are already here. Members of staff fall into the "L" and "G" categories as is. We don't care who you like to love, just as long as you're not a dick or a creeper.NOTICE: LGBTQ stands for -- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, and Questioning and/or Queer. That LAST letter is a huge point of note, as it means someone is exploring their identity as a male/female. If you've got a "kintype", or are "genderfluid" (meaning you change pronouns constantly) you will need to reconsider joining us here. It's too much of a hassle for staff to keep up, and it can make other users viciously uncomfortable.
  12. COMET Rules and Regulations Welcome to COMET. My name is Joyful Song, and at the time this is being written, I am the Free Company leader. I would like to take some time to explain the basic rules and regulations here, so please pay attention to them. They’re fairly short, so it shouldn’t take too long. 1:) Just don’t be a dick.You’re a grown-ass adult. You know what is right and what is wrong, and that means you know what being a dick entails. If you post spoilers in the Free Company chat, that’s being a dick. If you take something that’s not yours, that’s being a dick. If you tell someone off in chat for disagreeing with your opinion, that’s being a dick. You roll on loot you don’t need, that’s being a dick. Respect one another. Golden rule kindergarten stuff.You get it. You know what being a dick is. So just don’t.2:) Help outCarry your weight. If you’re a low level, focus on working on your classes. If you’re a gatherer, occasionally put some (good) stuff in the chest--someone might need it. If you’re a crafter, look in Discord and see if someone needs something made. If you’re a high level, ask people if they need guidance on things, or help running through something. If you’re bored and looking for something to do, try recruiting new members. Helping out is not mandatory by any means, but it’s worth doing.3:) Opinions are like assholes…Everybody has at least one, and they all make shit from time to time. Just because someone has a differing opinion doesn’t make anybody right or wrong. Even if they are wrong, don’t berate them about it. Just tell them what’s up, and if they don’t like it, it’s their own fault for being stubborn and dumb.4:) Just don’t be a childIf someone is annoying you, blacklist them. If they harassing you, tell an officer. If that person is an officer and is giving you shit, tell the FC Leader. If someone says something in chat that makes you uncomfortable, settle it like an adult; ask them politely to stop. Don’t whine about it. Don’t throw a tantrum. Don’t start drama. If an Officer tells you to do something, it’s probably a good idea to listen to them.5:) Just don’t be an idiotUse your brain. Rape is not cool to joke about. Racism isn’t okay either. Don’t bash on LGBTQ people. Remember that you represent the Free Company in and outside of it, so maybe don’t be a giant douche-canoe in shout chat to strangers. It’s really simple shit. Honestly this still goes under that whole “don’t be a dick” thing, but I like evenly-spaced lists. Five is a nice number.If you can’t follow basic laws of human decency in this game, you get one warning, and then you get the boot to the ass. Simple as that.
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    MiND When you piss off your public relations officer, they might get rid of every single one of your websites. Including this one.
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    A second Album
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