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Little Ladies' Evening


Event details

The Royal Order Café are proud to host a Little Ladies' Evening: a celebration for ladies (and gentlemen!) where East meets West.


This is a chance to dress up in your finest and sample special cuisine from Eorzea and Othard in honour of Little Ladies' Day, waited on hand by our loyal Royal Café Stewards.

Prizes will be given out for the Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Senechal!


The Royal Order Café is in the Goblet, 14th Ward, Plot 19! (Omega Server)


Please Note: Any and all weapons and arms are strictly prohibited.



About the Royal Order Café

The Royal Order Café is a haven in the Goblet for anyone seeking a quiet cup of tea, coffee, wine, or cocktail. We also havea plethora of cakes, pastries, or small meals to tempt you, all served in luscious surroundings fit for a Sultana! Our proprietress and friendly staff aim to bring a touch of the royal experience to all of our customers.


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