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[Balmung] Sermon of the Twelve


“The Simple Path
Silence is Prayer
Prayer is Faith
Faith is Love
Love is Service
The Fruit of Service is Peace


The Knights of Eorzea welcome all denizens of Eorzea to come out and give prayer whether it is silenced or shared for departed and for the living. This evening Ryslo Suramlo, a Priest of the Twelve welcome any who would come to Ward 16, Plot 60 of the Goblet. Here Nald'Thal shall be recognized as people will be asked to take the stage and take a moment to honor life and to honor death. The program will go as follows:


I. A small Introduction to the Night will start off the Sermon, Words about Life and Words about Death.

II. Words for the Living will be Given.

III. Words for the Dead will be Given.

IV. People will be asked to take the stage (If they'd like) to embrace the living they pray for & the dead they remember.

V. Closing of the Sermon.


*If this event becomes popular we will host other events pretaining to the Twelve.

*If your interested in portraying your character as a member of the twelve's clergy during these evenings please contact me; I would love to get more involved and meet your characters with my own.

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