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Treasure Maps!



We are having a Map Night! We'll be running Timeworn Gazelleskin Maps, the level 70 treasure maps that have a chance of opening the eight-man Lost Canals instance. Loot rules are outside the Canals = your map, your loot. This means whoever supplied the map we are currently doing can choose to need roll, can choose to greed roll to give everyone a chance, or may choose to pass if they're not interested. Automatically distributed loot goes to whoever it is randomly given to by the game. Inside the Canals, loot rolls will be Free For All. Everyone can roll Need on anything. If you're interested in coming along, please send me a Discord PM! You do not have to bring your own maps, but it is strongly encouraged and will increase your own chance of receiving loot. Should more than 8 people be interested, preference will be given to someone bringing maps over someone who is not, so I do recommend having a map or two ready! They can be purchased on the marketboard or obtained from gathering.

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