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Weekly RP Hub Days!


This event began 08/25/18 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

Come one and all to the official Lamia RP Hub Days! Every Saturday, enjoy Roleplayers of all walks and styles at each of the City State adventuring guilds! Each week we will be rotating to a different city state and promote casual, friendly roleplaying for anyone who wants to come. Everyone is expected to adhere to the Lamia RP discord's official rules, which can be found on our Discord server. There is no official start or end time, but we suggest anywhere between 4pm-10pm EST for the best chance at getting to RP with your fellow Lamians. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact one of the server representatives!

Week 1: The Quicksand, Ul'dah
Week 2: The Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa
Week 3: The Bannock, Gridania
Week 4: Mystery ARR Location! [This month's location: ???]

Please note that the week will be determined by the corresponding Saturdays of the month. For example, if the first day of the month is a Saturday, that will count as Week 1.


Server Reps: Yumi Hikaru, Itsu Neir, Nisah Liseh, Frederick Fortesque, and Jaster Laenwyn

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