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A community of Roleplayers for Lamia! Come in and be among fellow players of all levels! / Discord and LS available!





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  2. Come one and all to the official Lamia RP Hub Days! Every Saturday, enjoy Roleplayers of all walks and styles at each of the City State adventuring guilds! Each week we will be rotating to a different city state and promote casual, friendly roleplaying for anyone who wants to come. Everyone is expected to adhere to the Lamia RP discord's official rules, which can be found on our Discord server. There is no official start or end time, but we suggest anywhere between 4pm-10pm EST for the best chance at getting to RP with your fellow Lamians. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact
  3. Name: The Play Kitty Manor Owner: Helena Vladfang (HoRz) Type: Mansion Location: The Goblet, Plot 5, 17 Ward Characters Found: Helena Vladfang mostly Permissions: Open to visitors, sending tell letting me know you are going to use it would be greatly appreciated Notes: The mansion belongs to the FC I made but since it's a dead FC it's a "personal" mansion. There is a cafe on the first floor, Stage/ dance room downstairs, there is meeting room on 2nd floor as well as lounge. The ideal spot for a tea party or rave and everything in between.
  4. If you'd like to list your estate as an RP locale (public or private), please submit it in the following format: <b>Name: Locale name</b> <u>Owner:</u> IC name / Player name <u>Type:</u> (Restaurant, daycare, Free Company, etc) <u>Location:</u> Plot locale <u>Characters Found:</u> (any players/npcs commonly found there) <u>Permissions:<u> (Public or private? Rules for your estate) <u>Notes:</u> Additional notes Name: Redwall Monastery Owner: Knights of Redwall Type: Mansion Location
  5. Eorzean Counter Intelligence Coalition (ECIC) - Official Discord LS! Linkshell for Lamia Roleplayers sponsored by the Lamia RP Community Discord! Use this for finding RPers or communicating in-game! Admins: Jaster Laenwyn, Itsu Neir, Yumi Hikaru Tantalus Theater Troupe RP Linkshell for Distant Worlds and other events run by the members of the LS. Admins: Yumi Hikaru, Itsu Neir. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/clubs/158-tantalus-theatre-lamia/ http://tantalustheater.shivtr.com/ The Lore Seekers RP Linkshell focused around artifact/archaeolo
  6. If you are aware of a Free Company on Lamia that does some RP, please reply with the following information: <b>(Free Company name)</b> - FC description. <u>Estate Location:</u> <u>RP Admins:</u> URL if available. Arche Koeln - Casual, all purpose FC for people of all walks of life Estate Location: Mist, Ward 13 Plot 5 RP Admins: Itsu Neir and Yumi Hikaru. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/clubs/157-arche-koeln-lamia/ The Lore Seekers - Picture the Sons of Saint Coinach with a little sprinkle of the Scions of the Seven
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