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[Mateus] RDMF Round-Robin Melee (10 PM EST)


This event began 09/15/18 and repeats every 2 weeks on Friday forever

¡RDMF Round-Robin Melee Night!



Friday nights beginning Sept. 14, 2018


9pm CST/ 10pm EST

Locations (RMF nights):

  • Melee Tourney @ Red Mantis Falls in Eastern La Noscea <X: 16.1 Y: 27.3> (Nearest aetheryte - Wineport)
  • Tavern @ <RMF> Estate: ”Auroch’s Rest” lower level in Mist, Ward 7, Plot 50. (Nearest aetheryte - Limsa Lominsa. Nearest housing aetheryte - Seagaze Markets Subdivision)

Locations (RD-RP nights):

  • Bar and Melee Tourney @ <RD-RP> Estate in the Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 14. (Nearest aetheryte - Ul'dah. Nearest housing aetheryte - The Brimming Heart)


Revenant Daybreak <RD-RP> and Red Mantis Falls <RMF> have come together to bring you the Revenant Daybreak Mantis Falls Round-Robin Melee! Each week we will bring together fighters of all skill levels, willing to test their mettle against one another in a “three hits and you’re out” sparring tournament. Fighters and spectators alike are invited to partake in meat, mead, and music as well as official weekly match betting and a raffle at our bar.



Each week the overall victor of the night will be offered their choice of two of the three prizes we have curated for the week, and the second place winner will get the last item left. The selection will include 1 Orchestrion Roll 1 Glamour Item and 1 Furnishing. We will also be holding a weekly raffle at the tavern that all attendees are welcome to participate in. Details on the raffle buy in prizes can be found in the link below.



Each week we will be accepting a total of 8 fighters to participate. Entry will be on a first come first served basis. The sparring matches will be 1 vs 1 for each round, with the winners of each match moving on to fight in the next round for a total of a possible 7 matches. If there is an odd number of entrants and no new fighters come forward, a loser from a previous match will be chosen to fight the entrant without a pair. For further details on the event rules, sparring system, and official raffle and betting rules check the link below: 



What sets the RDMF tournament apart from every other tournament in Eorzea you may ask? Aside from the beautiful and exotic jungle backdrop, and believe us it is awe-inspiring, your participation and attendance will be contributing to the effort undertaken by Revenant Daybreak to help rebuild the village of the local Red Mantis Falls sunseeker tribe. The members of the Buffalo Tribe have eagerly opened their tribal grounds to our ongoing tournament in an effort to rebuild their home and create ties that will bridge the gap many years of isolation in a remote location have created. If fighting for a prize seems too material for you, think of it as fighting for a cause and come join us in La Noscea! Contact your local Revenant Daybreak member or Red Mantis Falls dweller for any further information or to add your name to this week’s match roster in advance. Entrants will be accepted ‘at the door’ until all slots for non-champion nights are filled.

RD-RP contact: Aerea Lyril / LadyLuckless#2691 on Discord

RMF contact: Regan Blackstone / Beryllium#0004 on Discord



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Just letting you all know that this week's (9/14) Round-Robin Melee will take place at the Revenant Daybreak free company house in the Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 14! It will still start at 10 PM EST so we hope to see everyone there!

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I have an important update! Our Round Robin Melee will be shifting to a bi-weekly schedule from now on in an attempt to give the free companies more time to focus on their own internal stories and events. This means that because we hosted our event last Friday, we will not be hosting the Round Robin Melee on the evening of 9/21/18!

Our calendar has been updated to reflect this change, and will be updated again in the future should we decide on more changes. The start time will remain the same, so we hope to see you next Friday on 9/28/18 at 10:00 PM EST when we pick back up!

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