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Mission - The Missing Staff



C'leyla, a wandering healer had approached the Lady of the Shroudrose Teahouse requesting help in finding her staff that had been stolen within the markets of Ul'dah. The staff is white with traces of copper, decorated with colorful feathers and a blue crystal embedded within the body. After asking around for any possible witnesses, a few things have become known. One: Threats have been made and some workers refuse to venture outside the city gates for fear of getting cursed. Two: Many crystals and items with magical properties have been stolen from merchants within the city and caravans before reaching the city. Three: A male Hyur with dark hair was seen with a staff similar to the one described by the client, the crystal within a perfect match. Chances of being a duplicate: Zero. Four: The collection of this many magical items could become very dangerous in the wrong hands. It is unknown if the man in question works by himself or with a group. The culprit must be found and the items seized and returned to their rightful owners. Caution is strongly advised.


1. Greyson Stone

DMed by C'leyla Nulah. Sign up in the #RSVP channel in Discord!

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