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Alxyn believes we can bring about camaraderie through other means than blood sport, and training exhibitions. How else to go about this other than to engage in the fiercest of competition of all? Fashion! Categories will be picked from the selection below: - Brave and Bold - Heavy Metal - Might and Magick - Summers End - Throw Wide The GATEs - Pretty In Pink - Beast Within - Fallgourd Nopes - Lets Fighting Love - Raised and Confused - Aetherial Light - Legions Might - Artificers.. Ficer? - From the Land of Ice and Snow - Eastern Dreams - The Edge Is Calling Tonight - Impersonation


Mission Parameters: 1+ Full Member, 1+ Alxyn (we're cloning him apparently)

OOC Parameters: Ability to: walk, /pose, /flex, bribe the judges, have glamour for the categories available. Other Notes: Prizes will be OOCly given: First Place - 3x Level Boosts or 2x Story Skips + 1 Level Boost Second Place - 2x Level Boosts or 2x Story Skips or 1x Level Boost and 1x Story Skip Third Place - 1x Level Boost or 1x Story Skip Places will be given based off member votes for each category, category amount will be based on player participation.

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