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Welcoming Party and Formal IC Introductions!


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You are invited to the Wayfarer's Rest located in the 2nd Ward on Plot 27 of Shirogane on the 18th of the Fourth Umbral

Moon to meet with the Company Leader, Officers, and other members of our humble organisation. With the nature of our

Company, we would love to have an actual get together to meet all the new faces and formally introduce ourselves to everyone

that has been met and accepted being brought under our banner, so to speak. While much of the event will be taking place

within the Wayfarer's Rest, we also have easy access to the lovely, scenic beach of Shirogane, and will also have some events

going on down that way for those of you who are interested!


While we are holding this event to formally welcome our newest members, if you are not a part of the Wayfarer's Covenant and

have interest in participating in our party, don't feel shy about showing up! We will be happy to welcome anyone who wants to

enjoy the festivities with those of our Company!


We will have refreshments within the house that everyone will be able to partake in to their heart's desire till all of it is gone! So

certainly don't feel shy about eating or drinking your fill if it pleases you! That's certainly what they will be there for!


Hoping to see all of our new travellers, adventurers, drifters, and wanderers there!



                                                                -Primam Chorus





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Hello and welcome to the first event post of the FC! We're all super happy and excited to have new members with us, as growing our community means a lot to us, and we hope that we come to mean a lot to you in turn! To mark the occasion, we're having a celebration all day on August 18th for our members, new and old! If you have friends that are interested, but are part of another FC or not part of one, we'll also be happy to have them! For those of you who might not have access to Shirogane just yet, we do have a role in our FC that is temporary that we'll be happy to put you in if you are okay with that, just so you can easily travel to Shirogane and participate in events with us!


We'll have celebratory gifts and shenanigans that we will hand out for everyone to join in on the fun! We also implore you not to feel bad if you cannot do an all day event -- if  you can do it for just an hour or less and are interested, that is totally fine! You are, by no means, being forced to partake in this Free Company event! ^_^


We simply hope that this event breaks the ice for a lot of newer members, and allows for you to make new RP partners and friends. ^_^ There should be at least one of the FC Officers on to help direct the event at the house and on the beach in the ward where the Wayfarer's Rest is located! If not, we might have taken off to get a few extra things for the event, or to take a break and focus on other things! If none of us are on, we ask that you take the initiative with one another and form bonds -- either between players or characters! Either way is great! :D


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