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Far Light Fair


Official Event Post



The Far Light Fair ––– –   ➸

Hosted by The Far Light: Viera Diaspora RP Linkshell will be a delightful fair for those both lost and found. Join us for a linkshell get together that includes: performances, booths, a potluck, “Duty Roulette: LFRP,” and more!


Save The Date ––– –   ➸

  • Saturday, August 3rd!
  • Starting: 5PM PST // 8PM EST.
  • Located: Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Mateus.


About The Event ––– –   ➸

The Far Light Fair is an event tailored towards meeting other viera and those who would support them far from home. This is a networking event that can highlight character talents, skills, or just be used to make connections!


Festivities ––– –   ➸

Travelers Blessings :: This event will feature a main, ‘Travelers Blessing,’ and then open the floor to any who desire to offer up their own blessings. A little mystical in nature, the blessing is sure to leave a little wind beneath your feet, and a little song in your ear.


Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! :: This event features a potluck! While there is plenty of food to delight in, ranging from vegetarian delights to big hunt cuisine, there’s a little something for everyone! If you bring a food item or drink, please message Saga so she can properly credit your delights at the closing ceremony!


Guidance from the Hearthmother :: This new land is strange, unusual, and there are many customs that differ from the sacred lands of the viera. Whether you are new or old, seek out Isey for guidance and tips on navigating the realm you now tread.


Performances :: Do you enjoy performing? Are you talented with the in game instruments? Do you type beautiful dance and song performances? Is your character talented with magic or sleight-of-hand? During this event there will be an open performance opportunity! Please sign up for our Talent Showcase by filling out this form or messaging Saga with your performance music ahead of time.


Booths :: Vendors and game hosts alike are more than welcome to set up during this event! Nice, aesthetic spots are first come first serve with focus on those who fill out this form but all are welcome to set up at the event! Please make sure to message Saga to when you’ve arrived with your game or wares.


Duty Roulette: LFRP :: Duty Roulette: LFRP is a randomized RP experience. If you’re someone who is shy, has difficulties with walk up, or is just looking to build some new connections this might be the experience for you! Duty Roulette: LFRP sorts you with one or two random partners who have also signed up for the program. Fill out this form if you would like to participate!


Final Notes ––– –   ➸

Click here for the official event post! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Saga Thlag (Galaxsea#5703) or Isey Lightmother (emberfall#6896).

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