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All Saints' Wake at the Rest




It's that time of the year: All Saints' Wake! We with the Wayfarer's Rest have prepared an event that will go from October 14th till October 28th! To participate in this event, just get your character dressed up in a glamour that would constitute as their All Saints' Wake costume for the celebration! There are no restrictions on what you can dress up as, just be sure to tell us what your character is dressed up as so that we can make sure we don't make any mistakes when going over them! You may only enter one time! If you have multiple characters, or costumes that you like, choose one that you like! When you are ready, please post your screenshot to the #events-hall in the Discord server!


Officers will be uploading all entries to All Saints' Wake 2019 so that everyone can get a look, perhaps you can also get some inspiration from other entrants! The Officers will go over each and every entry, and two winners will be announced on Halloween Day! These two winners will be able to choose anything of their liking from the Mog Station $30 or under, and they will also receive a half body character drawing from Officer FreeJayFly.


On October 26th, we will hold an RP event that centres around the themes of All Saints' Wake, and will be a murder mystery! All that are interested can come to the Rest at 2 PM CST to help solve the mystery that will be in play!



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