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Salvaging Event! Relics beneath the ice.



Event details

Windward Horizon's Salvaging team is being called to action to follow up on a promising lead. Relics once hoarded by those branded as heretics during the Dragonsong war were reported as being lost after a secret hideaway's entrances became flooded and froze over.  A recent scouting expedition found evidence of a reemerged tunnel, though further explorations proved impossible. After an investigation launched by company leads was conducted, it was confirmed of the possibility these discovered tunnels would lead to the lost hoard.
Members of the team who are set to join us on this expedition are advised to dress warmly, and be prepared for the possibility of encountering hostile wildlife within the frozen highlands.
On the day of the venture, please gather in the briefing room of Windward Horizon's Rose & Thorn. ((Room 9.))

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