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Sign Up for the Rest's First Winter Exchange!





As you know, the holidays are coming up, and what better way to celebrate it than getting together for a night of mirth and gift giving? The Wayfarer's Rest is inviting all of its members to come together and participate in a secret sender gift giving event. We are opening sign ups for our Winter Exchange event on November 17th, and they will remain open till November 30th! When signing up for this event, you are required to send @FreeJayFly a list of three to five items that you can get in-game.


These items can vary in needed crafting material or Market Board price, but they must be obtainable and tradeable in some fashion. When writing up your list, we ask that you do what you can to not make all of your items unreasonably priced (i.e. putting all items on the list that cost over a million gil each). You can put one item up that is one of those "god, I would really love to have that, but it's super expensive for me to get" on there, and hope for the best, but remember that item is not guaranteed by the person that will end up being your gifter.


On December 1st, all participants will be given a random person and their created wishlist to fulfil by December 31st. While not asked to get everything on the list that is given to you, you do have to get at least one of the requested items. By signing up, you agree that you will have your character participate in this event in some fashion -- the very minimum of participation being that all you do is give your recipient their gift(s) via Moogle Delivery, or trading them directly. Failure to meet the criteria by the end date will unfortunately mean denial into future events similar to this one.


On December 31st, we will be having an in-character session starting at 2PM CST at the Rest where characters can exchange their gifts with one another, and comment or converse on it if you simply want to partake in it for fun, further character growth and development, and / or as a means for creating better connections.



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