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Balmung, Black Market, August 20 2021, 8 PM, EST

This event begins 08/21/21 and repeats every month forever


DATE: Friday, August 20, 8 pm EST
LOCATION: Nanawa Mines - Central Thanalan .( X:21, Y:21)
FEATURED HOST: Syndicate of Ul’dah


Rumors have been moving within the shadows of a mysterious black market that has opened itself to those who work out of the spotlight and deal within the dark. A market which never stays in one location yet always keeps its place firmly rooted within myth of its luxury and splendor. Though it is not impossible to find this place of course. For the right price, with the right information or connections, even YOU can find your way to the black market.

Cast your lot in for a variety of rare and illegal goods and services whether on sale itself or via request. Want to sell? Speak to a staff member and if you pass the checks, you can have your own goods on display yourself!



In the past, there was a very successful community event on Balmung called The Watcher’s Eye Black Markets, created by Negui Malaguld. In honor and with permission, it is our hope to start them again in the same fashion under the name Crimson Circle. A sub-syndicate under the Syndicate of Ul’dah. 


This monthly black market (3rd Friday of every month) encourages FC’s and individuals to bring their company or character’s wares to sell to others. It is our hope that these interactions will foster more community-based RP and interactions.  


  • No prostitution or slaves please. (Fighting rings are another event)
  • You must sign up to be a vendor: Sign up
  • All transactions are to be done with IC Gil only
  • Custom Items/ merc hiring are available at the request desk.
    • If you're a vendor who is willing to IC make custom orders please let Staff know so we can direct people to you if appropriate
    • Custom Items can be picked up at the next market. 
    • Hired Merc assistance to be planned between characters.



  • Some examples of stalls, but not limited to:
    • Food vendors
    • Poisons and Potions Vendors
    • Relic Vendors
    • Exotic weapons and Jewelry  
    • Inventions and Gizmos
    • Rare tomes 
    • Etc and so on.

Staff (Guards, Helpers/Guides, assistance organizers)

Looking for entertainment! (sometimes it’s nice to have a break and witness some great performances! As well as an opportunity for people to take note of entertainers they may wish to hire for their own events! )

Other FCs wishing to host each month! (We will help you of course!)

  • Each month a new FC is encouraged to host this community event. 
  • ( No one owns the Black Market. The Circle only ensures its protection and success under the terms of the Ul’dan Syndicate.
  • Your FC will be the Featured FC and host of the event. The Crimson Circle organizers will help you OOC and IC to make sure it is a success.


If you are looking for work, Lady Dusk will be accepting requests for those willing to work for the black market in order to acquire goods/ help with bounties/quests.

Are you a leader or someone that runs a black market and wishing to help sell your wares? OR anyone wishing to sell anything!
Lady Dusk, Rena Jesal. Aldric Sayrillont would wish to speak to you. We wish to actually set up RP meetings ICLY/ OOCLY organizing this to see it successful.



  • We ask that merchants show up early so they can be allocated a place to "set up their stall" before the market begins
  • Turn your meld sign on if you are a merchant so shoppers can see you.
  • Please use /yell to announce your wares.
  • Please use party chat or whispers for actual selling to an individual for privacy and to help ooc with scroll.
  • Your choice how you run your stall. Wish to make it a game? Do so!


TO SIGN UP: For anyone interested in being a vendor, our sign-up form can be found HERE.


The Crimson Market has a discord to help us organize our black markets easier and keep the community up to date with our latest events. If you're interested in joining as a vendor or keeping up with our events? 


Feel free to join HERE

In-game send a whisper to:

Kathema Duska

Rena Jesal 

Aldric Sayrillont

Join the discord, or send a message via HERE with your contact information and someone will get back to you!

Edited by Lady Dusk

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