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[FC] Tosho Mining Company Grand Opening





A flyer is found pinned up on the bulletin board, with a handwritten note on top. The note reads, "Sorry to anyone who missed the big announcement this week, wanted to wait until the customers were gone. Shroudrose discount for the grand opening."

The flyer itself reads as follows:

"Welcome to the grand opening of the Tosho Mining Company's Satellite Office! We will be opening for Showcase hours this Monday! Come on in and see what we have. Aspiring jewelers, bulk construction, just a bit of something rare and valuable, no matter your needs, I'll find it for you!"

The grand opening date for Ama Tosho's new venue is taking place on Monday, June 27, from 7:30 PM through 10:30 PM EDT at the Goblet, Ward 11, Subdivision Apartment 79, Balmung server. More information here!

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