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  1. I should clarify, by "IC should reflect your OOC interests" I meant that you should focus your RP/character development towards what you like to do OOC'ly. For example if you like playing a range DD, try to make your character aim (pun intended) towards using a bow so that there is no huge divide between what you like to play vs what your character would be doing. I completely agree with the point that Chillsmack made: If we're talking about immersion, it's way easier for me to understand your character as a healer when you play a white mage, as apposed to dragoon. You just have to mess around with what you like in-game and, if you want to achieve a bit of equality between the two, write your character so that she/he goes into the same direction you are enjoying as a player
  2. I just go back into 14 so take everything I say with a huge grain of salt. To me, IC should reflect your OOC interests. This is a more "heavy RP" perspective, which is a minority opinion most of the time. From what I've seen in other communities, no one cares what you say you play vs what your class is... Just know there is no united front on this. Individuals will interpret things by their own standards. The reason why I find heavy RP more appealing is that it kind of dots all the i's and crosses all the t's out there, and people generally don't raise brows over things. The more casual you get... the more brows are raised. That is only if you care about such things. But then again, you asked so I assume you do!
  3. Hey there. A long time ago there was an RP podcast for FFXIV. Around that same time as a host, I've recorded a few songs with a good friend of mine. I will retroactively give them an 'album name'... and while I am at it, give ourselves a band name! Here are the "Beta Songs" by The Original CE's! All were recorded freestyle, not written. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  4. Hehe I had the same concerns over the Miqote as well in another thread.
  5. Lol so is anyone complaining to SE? Or boycotting the game until this resolves?
  6. No I'm balmung, I wouldn't equate what I said with server selection. What I mean is that player interaction itself is not a factor to consider when it come to official lore. Thanks for unpacking your other reply
  7. VIII 1: Sorry for the bad grade. This doesn't seem like a "name", more if a nickname. It doesn't follow any lore naming conventions. If there is a story behind it which would make it significant, I'd like to read it. Otherwise, I am left looking at what I think is a nickname that isn't particularly interesting. Maybe you can provide the character's actual name if this isn't it? Without knowing more about the story I can't say much more. Name: Zizirimu Yayarimu
  8. Reppu, I am not sure what you mean. I am reading a little negativity there with the short, 2 word reply though. I wont engage you for the purpose of this discussion if that's the case. Sorry about anything I may have caused. I'm a little lost with your reply Colyer, but I don't think I am getting any closer to my inquiry at the moment. Adelpha, I am not sure what happened before in 1.0 but player history wouldn't matter in this case. It's just like with introduction of new genders suddenly... people have to change their backgrounds. I am sympathetic, but I don't think lore should be effected by what happened before.
  9. I am not worried per se... simply wish to know as much as I can about the lore. How would my character look at a same sex couple for example. Would it be taboo or not? Would it be dangerous to display affection toward the same gender in public? I am not sure the marriage (or lack there of) answers this either way but they are points of interest.
  10. hahaha yes, I'd be pretty happy with a completely unique take on partnership myself. Why marriage at all, if you've got a fantasy playground to create in? But we are talking about the announcement of straight only marriage.
  11. Oooh I'd like to see that dev post! Though I am still worried that if we are going to pick and chose what is OOC influenced and what isn't... we might be going down a dark road. For example I am sure they don't want to be called sexist, thus men and women can do everything equally in-game. But then someone can go and say "hey, things are equal only because of OOC pressure. The lower class women would probably not be able to enjoy as many freedoms..." etc etc. See where I am going with this? I feel like maybe it's best to just stick to what they give us for the sake of consistency. It's their game after all, and the best thing to do if one cannot play by the rules (lore) is to simply not play it.
  12. Hey all... I am sorry but I didn't read all the responses because this thread is so long, so if I will go over some stuff in my post that was said earlier, please forgive me and maybe point me to the right page of this thread. I will read more of it after I post, promise. I am not really going to argue about OOC here. I will simply state I am for gay marriage IRL. SE's reasons for not including it in the game don't interest me. No arguing on this forum will change their mind, they wont read this and go a different route. I am thinking about the RP implications of this. Does it mean that there is only straight marriage in Eorzean culture/society as well? After all, isn't the devs word usually followed above player lore? (This is murky to me because I am semi new to RP so correct me if I am wrong.) If that's the case, are homosexual marriages and openly gay relationships breaking lore?
  13. Wow... reading some of this made my head spin. I wish there was an appropriate smiley to express this. Oh wait, got it: :dazed: It seems some perspective is needed here, for all sides of this "conflict." I can't believe there is so much time and energy to argue over something that's just a hobby. Pick your preferred name of server, community, linkshell, friends to play with... and just do it. Step away if it gets to be too serious, go for a walk, enjoy RL, center yourself. That's the only insight I can offer. All of these back and forth internet debates seem silly IMO. There are more important things.
  14. Don't kill me but... Doesn't huge numbers of Miqote above everyone else sort of undermine the lore of the game itself? Not saying that the survey is correct.
  15. These next few are NSFW, drawn from live nude models.
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