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  1. FC Name: Tigron Trade Company Tag: Leader names: Nickles Tigron and Wrunil Tigron FC House Address: The Goblet Ward 10 Plot 60 RP FC, but welcome to any who are fun, respectful, and rowdy We are a company founded on the smoking remains of the once world famous Tigron Circus which was left in smoldering ashes twenty years ago. The children who were left after the massacre stayed together and worked their way up in the world from a child gang running the streets in Ul’dah to becoming a prestigious trading company. Once more they travel the world, not just to entertain but to bring rare and exotic goods and their crafters from one side of Hydaelyn to another. We are always on the lookout for crafters, searchers, negotiators, and muscle to protect our caravans and airships. Please also feel free to come to The Tigron Warehouse, once only used for storage it is quickly becoming a premier location to dance, sing, eat, drink, tell stories, and perform. We may have grown passed our roots, but we will never entirely leave them behind. Stop on by!
  2. Hi! I have a new RP FC on the server and have been trying to get myself and members hooked into the ls. I'll keep stalking the search queue for the names listed, but if anyone beats them to it or sees a message from Nickles Tigron, it would be great if we could get some invites to my sprouts who are starting up rp on the server.
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