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    Yeah, those linkshells really aren't any help. I have been in the EU one since the beginning and never see anyone ask for RP there. Thanks. Edit: <-------- Over there, under my avatar, it says that I am in the EU Linkshell, aha.
  2. xaaniko


    Heya, I took a short break from the game for a few months while I was working abroad, but I am back now only to find most of the people I played/RP'd with/spoke to have dropped off the face of the earth for reasons unknown. I am looking for some Linkpearls where I can find RP/meet people (I am a member of the Eorzean Union FC). I play during EU hours mostly. I also like planning out storylines rather than tavern RP, as I always feel like I am sat there like a sore plum when in that situation. If you want to know more about my character there's a link to her wiki below (that could probably use an update, but you know). If you think we could work out a story, and I am open to any ideas, you can message me here, in game or ask for my skype. I am open to any suggestions! Cheers!
  3. xaaniko

    The "I'm RPing right now" thread!

    I really miss RP, it was what I loved most about this game - so if you see me online or around, hit me up for some random RP please!
  4. xaaniko


    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions about other people, but be super careful about when and where you tell people this! If other people like said person that you don't, people are petty and may decide to make this an issue. It happened before in WoW, and it wasn't even too bad. There's an easy way around it of course, just don't interact with them. I personally would never ERP in game, there's just so many ways that can go horribly, horribly wrong with mistells. To the people that actually do it, you are much braver than me. I think i'll stick to my single chat channel for that one, eh? Thanks for the laughs, guys!
  5. xaaniko

    Pokemon Thread

    I'd be up for trades but I am not adding twenty FCs again (from the old thread). If you want to trade with me (i'm fine with whatever) then inbox me on here please. Thanks.
  6. xaaniko

    [EU] EEC's Moonfire Carnival, 21 Sep

    I am really upset I forgot about this.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm off to Prague tomorrow for three months doing a placement in a design studio. Exciting, right? I also recently got shortlisted for a design award (which I don't remember entering, however...) so it seems after months of utter bullshit things are finally going well for me. AND, it's my birthday on saturday. (So I hope the people I am living with are nice and take me out else i'll just be sat in one of the many bars by myself crying. QQ) However, as I don't know where I will be staying until I get there, I am unsure what the internet facilities will be, or even if I will have access to any apart from coffee shops. So, while I do have a laptop that can handle FFXIV, I don't know if I will be able to play. Hope for the best you guys, because I really enjoy playing with you lot! A special shout out to all the people in Europa, XI:7 and those few individuals I have befriends from elsewhere. So, it's goodnight from me and Guldy. I hope to see you guys again soon, don't have too much fun without me! http://31.media.tumblr.com/8eacb2d6c15562979ca69a175586306d/tumblr_msyl57yaOn1qd3j9xo1_1280.png[/img]
  8. xaaniko

    Female Galka

    Roegadyns are babes.
  9. xaaniko

    Maintenance Rage Thread

    I just had this, so it's not just you. Now I can't even get access to the NA/EU server list. Sigh.
  10. xaaniko

    EU Tavern Night, 8 Sep

    Sweet! I should be able to attend this.
  11. xaaniko

    Body Modification!

    I have one tattoo - below my neck, on my spine in the centre of my back. It's a valknut. I have more planned but I want to design them myself, such as Thor's Hammer and a two-part one with my sister and a portrait of my cat. I also have two sets of ear piercings, a labret peircing and a nose stud. Clothes wise, I am not very alternative anymore. I used to be a goth/metalhead/rockabilly but now I just wear what I like and don't really gravitate towards a specific subculture since I found out most of the people I met through that were arseholes. Not to say everyone is, but unfortunately that was my experience. Most of my clothes still fall into one of those catagories though.
  12. xaaniko

    Xaaniko's Illustration Thread

    Updated with another sketch. This one was really quick, so slightly less detailed than my others, but at least my sister liked it.
  13. xaaniko


    See, I used to think that too. Then S'demyx told me that 'an heros' means to 'off himself'.... It's very convoluted. I nearly spat out my red wine. Thanks for that!
  14. xaaniko


    You are my an heros, S'demyx. An inspiration to us all. *single solitary tear*
  15. xaaniko


    My sister has had exactly the same problem, making it impossible for her to play. Fortunately she's much more laid back than me so she's quite happy to wait until the servers quiet down. I'm sorry you're having this problem.