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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]It’s super effective![/align]
  2. [align=center]HALO EVERYBODY I WOULD LIKE 2 JOIN UR FAMILY Hear is my applacatn I believe I will be a valuable asset to your oganizatiom organization =' ㅅ '= [/align]
  3. Good morning Eorzea! I come to you in a time of uncertainty. For as I write this very note, I have hopefully signed into the correct building for my 10:30am appointment. There are very little signs and no Office Directory can be found. This morning, I mistakenly forgot to add grounds to the coffee machine (aka The Fountain of Youth) and am not quite sure where I am. However, all is not lost, for I found a semi-comfortable seat near a water fountain and bathroom. I am bathing in the motherly-warm hum of an aging fluorescent light. Guidance on this matter is not what I seek. Instead, I am humbly requesting the mentorship of an unlicensed professional in the roleplaying art! I discovered this community from the signature advertisements on the official testing message boards. Long story short: I’m tired of being surrounded by cold, lifeless, MMO players. They look like their eyes have glazed over. FFXIV has a rich lore and beautiful setting- I greatly want to make the most out of it! Haven’t played something this rich in ages. But, back to business: Mission Statement: The grandest of adventures- to have as much fun as possible and find lots of treasure! Me: Name's Jack. I’m 29. EST time zone. Number cruncher. Hide in a cubicle all day and yell at people so they will, for goodness sake, leave me alone to do my work. Although this one time- I once found an unoccupied room on another floor... hadn’t been touched in ages! Bribed the night janitor for the key to unlock it (made up an excuse like I was transitioning a team or something there) and moved in. Two weeks. Two weeks of silence and glory. Still went to meetings and showed up from time to time. Would talk to myself loudly while walking through the main office area so others could acknowledge my presence. When my manager found out, I was reprimanded and the locks were changed. To this day, I don’t know who told him. Freeloading bastards. I haven’t played on RP servers before... but I have tried to deliver pizza to War of Emperium (gvg) factions in Ragnarok Online for years. Didn't work so well. Played FFXI for a year back when PS2 first launched. Played RO for yeeearrrsss and recently TERA. It is 11:15 and nobody has come for me yet, so here's a quick character backstory I threw together in this morning's traffic. http://pastebin.com/Pv8Ghui5 It is lunchtime now. Survived the meeting. If you are reading this, then I must have successfully arrived home. Thank you again for your time, hope to see you all in game!
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