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  1. It's a mixture of a few things, but you hit the nail on the head. He grew up in a Roegadyn family, he's very attached to his adoptive father - the only positive male figure in his life. Whether or not the Roegadyn I've called for is positive, perhaps even especially if its negative, it could make some really interesting Role Play narrative given that bit of info. It's possible to have a rich experience with any gender or race, but that little extra spice could make it fascinating!
  2. Hey there! I'm interested in some Role Play collaboration for my Free Company. I'm trying to get the RP kick-started again, but we lack anyone who wants to be that antagonist so to speak. Last we left the story, Garleans had just come and burned down our house/school. Here is our website. Feel free to peruse it. If you're interested in collaborating with a group of RPers, let me know! Thanks
  3. Ping! Hoping this doesn't get buried as it's been some time since I've posted. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply here or send me a private message! Here's to more RP~!
  4. [align=center]It's been a very long time since I've been a part of the RPC, but I am glad to see it still thriving and bringing moments of joy and wonder to our player base. That being said, let me begin by separating why I am, and what my character could use. Click Me to see my Wiki Page!![/align] What the Character is Looking for: This Midlander has lived with and was raised by a wealthy Roegadyn family in Aerslant. Giving it all up, twice, he's now decided to live in Eorzea and give it his all. Without any formal connections to home, and most of his comrades dead or missing, he needs the companionship and the strength of another to keep him on the righteous path as he is on the edge of his moral code. There is far more to him than written in any biography, and it will take a strong will to pull it from him. Sterne needs conflict - someone to challenge him and make him think, and in turn he will do the same. Ties to a Garlean past (or even a Garlean) would open up possibilities for quality RolePlay given his past, but it is not a requirement. What the Player is Looking For I would like to connect with a player that needs a companion to go through the game with. Someone to provide mutual support and competition with the many aspects of the game. Someone to keep the drive alive and to make something more of what Square Enix has given us. Someone who gets as excited as taking down challenging content (PVE or Disciples of the Hand/Land) as well as getting creative together and writing a great story through Roleplay. Someone who could become a friend. Someone who is LGBTQ friendly as I am, myself, gay.
  5. [align=center]THE SALTS OF RHOTANO (also known as “The Salts" or “SR”- formerly ‘Sanctus Refero') [/align] Our goal is to connect Social Players, End-Gamers and Role-Players all together. We intend to make this possible through many different channels; including some creative methods we hope you will enjoy. Below are introductions to each sect of SR and how you can find a place no matter what type of gamer you are or would like to be. Social Free Company Name: “The Salts of Rhotano” Founded by: Sterne Evans Officers: To be elected THE SALTS OF RHOTANO is an open home filled with opportunity and a new beginning, standing and waiting in a server where new beginnings are hard to come by. Our leaders are cover the EST & PST time zones. However we are open and available to all time zoned players. Daily Actions and the Company Coffer are maintained and available to leaders and ranking officers. All decisions will be handled by a voting system among the officers of the company. Our early officers will first be selected by Sterne and Asterna. As time goes on, and member count grows to 30+, nominations will be accepted and votes will be cast to elect new officers every three months. Our mission is to bring players together to reach the best of End-Game and RP on Balmung. Join us and let us live by the wind and the sea. Role Play Linkshell Name: “The Salts” Headed by: Asterna Chihana
  6. No, it's not required. There a bunch of benefits of having both, but you can do one or both! Check out our website.
  7. If you post on our forums and tell us when you'll be around an officer can find you
  8. Whup, meant to edit this post a while ago with more information! All the info is available on our website: salts-of-rhotano.com with the officer list in the forums under the "Who's Who and What's What" section. Our RP spots are the Wineport and just recently the Red Rooster Stead. Feel free to contact any of the members for an invite to the FC, and check out the website for interesting ways on how to get into the Salts Inc. roleplay Linkshell.
  9. The Salts of Rhotano: salts_inc.events\\EVIL IS OBVIOUS ONLY IN RETROSPECT OOC INFORMATION: Details: Date: 9.20.13 Time: 19:30 EST Duration: 1~3 hours Location: Lower La Noscea – Cedar Wood – Red Rooster Stead IC: The Salts of Rhotano made quite a bit of gil selling the ‘mistaken’ delivery they received not so many moons ago. So much so, it was enough gil to purchase a new storage unit closer to where their Tavern and Hotel proper is being built; or at least that’s what Sterne Evans is claiming. . . The Red Rooster Stead is under new management in the possession of The Salts. They’ve bought and hired the whole lot! Well, at least the primary building. Well. . . also the secondary storage. Well. . . also the employee housing. There are plentiful fields of wheat, lavender, cabbage patches and even a small Chocobo Corral. For one flat gil-rate they even now own all of the property left inside the storage buildings. However, since Sterne has no use for it all, he aims to get rid of it. He needs the storage areas cleared out to make room for the supplies being used by his contractor who’s busy working in The Mist. It’s there at the Red Rooster Stead that he waits for his employees to set up shop – a yard sale of kinds – selling the dreams and hard work of the former (soon-to-be re-hired) workers at the Red Rooster. OOC NOTE: The Salts of Rhotano has made another spot their RP home. Just south of Wineport, the ICly leased bar, they’ve also taken claim to the Red Rooster Stead. Here, our RPers can role-play the day to day tasks of supplying and running a tavern. X’aylee Grae and Styrnacht Kestransyn (Sterne Evans) will be there to give employees jobs and tasks leading to the "yard-sale" portion. As a patron your character is welcome to RP with us in anyway you would like, but please note all purchases are ICly and real item/gil exchanges are NOT required.
  10. We will! It will be a reoccurring event with varying times and dates so that everyone can participate at least once! sorry you're going to miss this one, but we'll see you at the next!
  11. Please note the time changes to accommodate our EU players.
  12. The Salts of Rhotano: company.events\\MARKET DAY Details: Date: 9.14.13 Time: 19:00 EST Duration: 1~2 hours Location: Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks – East Hawkers Alley @ Mender NPC IC: Due to a supplier error in their favor, The Salts of Rhotano Inc. have found themselves with a surplus of supplies for this fiscal period. There are materials from every profession, whether you are a disciple of land, hand, war or magic, there is money to be made. Profits to be pocketed. Armor to be acquired. Weapons to be whittled from the withering scraps found along a wanderer’s way. . . All sorts of things to be sure. Sterne Evans has determined it absolutely crucial they consume and turn a profit from all these materials before their vendor can catch the error of their ways. Underhanded, maybe, but there’s an undeniable sense of urgency in Sterne’s voice over the company linkpearl. He’s called his heavy lifters, salesman, crafters and the warriors in his employ to make this day happen with as little financial loss and as much gain as possible. What could drive him so? What crisis unknown could be centered on the fore-front of his mind? What could give him such sudden tunnel vision? And then the linkpearl falls silent. . . OOC: Company members will gather at Wine Port at 18:00 EST to load up our Chocobos and move across Eastern La Noscea to Limsa Lominsa proper. Once at Limsa Lominsa proper, the RP is will continue; however, once there it will also coincide with our Non-RP company event "Market Day"; a time to trade, empty inventory space and potentially make an in-game profit. You are /not/ required to donate, spend or give physical items and Gil. If you wish to do, please send a /tell or speak in [ . . . ] brackets to indicate an OOC transaction.
  13. It's absolutely fine There was a worse mistake in the post. . . I said Middle La NOscea when it was Eastern (cry). Sorry to everyone who went to the wrong area.
  14. Hehe, don't be too hard on him...it IS posted in the Balmung Events sub-forum after all Can. . . Can I bake you a lot of cookies. . please?
  15. Thanks for your feedback! I'll work on the wordsmithing soon to make sure it's more clear. The Free Company is an "everything-theme". It's primary focus is Social Activities, but it caters to RPers and End-Gamers by connecting them to the individual Linkshells. The Salts Inc. is a "merchant-theme" type thing; but focused more on Hospitality. It's a Tavern, a Hotel (or will be once we get housing) and a place to do some trading and bartering. I would be very interested to gain a connection to the House of Merchand Wouldn't mind having a supplier for finer things in The Salts. P.S.: Sterne is a businessman, more than a merchant.
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