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  1. Hey all! I know Excalibur isn't exactly the main unofficial RP server, as it seems Maetus is taking that title. But if anyone is on Excalibur and would like RP let me know! I am knew to rping in game, but excited to give it a try! Won't know if I like it till I give it a shot. But I have years worth of experience RPing on forums. In that regard I tend to write medium to long posts depending on how I am feeling that day. Anyways I'll leave you with some info about my main character! There is always a black sheep in ones family and Yifah fits that title well. Born in the Shroud, she is the middle child of five in a close knit family that live not to far out from Gridania. Though primarily raised by her mother and aunts, Yifah made a somewhat unconventional bond with her father who was rarely home. But whenever he did return and was allowed to stay, he would tell stories of his hunts and great adventures and that sparked something in the reserved Miqo'te, much to the dismay of her mother. A curious soul she took to observing anything and everything, a trait the would benefit her in her future endeavors. To most she is seen as being reserved and observant, but none the less curious, not wanting to get involved. But life is never that easy and as an arcanist she very rarely has to be alone. Carbunkles are good company in her book. But because of her more lone wolf persona, she has trouble asking for help when she needs it. Not to mention her blunt and straight forward way of speaking tends to turn people off or hurts feelings, which she never really intends to do. And trouble tends to follow you when you become a adventurer, though she doesn't really consider that her title. She is scientist first, an observer of nature and then adventurer. But lately the two have become more and more intermingled, as she needs to make a living for herself. Having left home at the age of 18, she now travels about much like her father seeking that same adventure he talked about when she was a child and on a couple of occasions has crossed paths with him, swapping stories and catching up. Their relationship is rather unconventional, but they make it work. Her life choices have lead her away from her family in the Shroud, but whenever she is close she pays them a visit and deals with the constant begging of her mother and aunts to just come home where she will be safe. But that life isn't for Yifah and at 24 she wants to see what else the world holds for her. Get into some trouble inevitably and have a few more adventures for herself to tell to someone else one day. There is a lot left still to see. Other Info: Yifah and her family hail from the Keeper of the Moon clan. Raised in Shroud and Gridania, but currently resides in Limsa Lominsa, which has become a second home to her. Has kept in relatively good touch with her older brothers as they have ventured out as well. She and her mom do not see eye to eye, at all. But Yifah loves her regardless. ((OOC: And that's Yifah Jonmu! Like I said above i am currently on Excalibur and can't really switch servers at the moment. But perhaps one day. But even still if their are any strict forun RPs I would love to get involved. And if your on Excalibur hit me up in game or send me a PM here. Yifah could use a traveling companion or friend, even if she is slow to admit that. Really if you have an idea let me know. Maybe we can figure something out.)
  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! This community already seems absolutely wonderful! And thanks, I hope I can find some takers too!
  3. Hi there! I am a 22 year old college student who loves the heck out of Final Fantasy 14 and rping, the latter which I have been doing for several years. (More forumed based, but wanting to give in game RP a chance.) Anyways, I am working on my main character and would love to find some people to RP with on the Excalibur server. Hope I'll find some takers and see ya around!
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