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  1. The Coven - Act I Scene II Date: 11/17/17 Time: 9:30PM EST Hosted by Shesha Sonaris (DM)
  2. Synopsis:The Coven - Act I Scene I The crew is given leads from the re-deceased ex of Sogarn, as they split into two groups to go follow the leads for more information on the Coven. Team Sogarn Umbre Cici Leo Flora Jellal The group discovers a crypt in the Sagolii desert filled with fresh Blackwater corpses in neatly stacked coffins. Inside one, a sailor is still alive, Sige. Using force, the group discovers Sige is undead. He describes a Hyur barmaiden in Vesper Bar setting his crew up for a trap, and that she seemed to be acting strangely as of late. She had normally been a reliable source of work. The group allows Sige to leave in his undeath. Team Mia Sonaris Norri Simon Erie'li Soiree Fhaux After meeting with a loud and strict Roe Chef in Wineport, the group meets with the White Witch who sends them off with a Spirit Vision blessing to Hyrstmill for more information. Upon arriving at the tavern, the crew arrives at a bloody mess, the tavern covered in corpses as Spirit Vision allows them to speak with the spirits of the newly departed. They find a trap door after figuring out that the Coven had come through. After staving off booby traps and necrofire, the crew finds out that the Coven has made off with what they came for, a Grimoire. ------------------------- Both teams arrive back at the Gypsy as a mysterious fog rolls in, maddening Leo, Sogarn, and Sonaris. Leo is knocked back to his senses by Erie'li, as Sogarn comes to from a thwart from Mia. Sonaris is overtaken by a demon from her past as she begins to rain hellfire on the LNC. Zatrann and his crew drop from their airship and come to the rescue of the LNC as they are able to hold the line which forces the possessed Sonaris to flee. Team Zatrann Exa Luca Delilah Saya
  3. The Coven - Act I Scene I Date: 11/10/17 Time: 9:30PM EST
  4. [align=center]Host Club Event Screenshots [/align]
  5. An Auri female snaps her pocket watch closed before peering back at the bustling pier behind her. She finds great comfort in the salted air as she leisurely paces through the crowd while making it a point to hold on to her coin pouch. Too many run-ins with the local street urchins has taught her that one can never be too careful. Mia inclines her head in curiosity as a booth labeled "Marisa's Shop" seems to be drawing quite the crowd. Squeezing herself between two tall Elezen women, she offers a polite nod to them both before perusing the wares. There was certainly a plethora of peculiar items and as she was about to turn away to take her leave, a sparkling red catches the corner of her eye. She picks up a crystallized crimson lotus that fit into the palm of her hand and in the center of it was a slot for incense. Turning to the young miss inside the booth she asks politely, "You must be Marisa! How much for this and how did you come across such fine work?"
  6. [align=center]Intermission Event [/align] Cast of Characters 1) Hikaru and Kaoru played by Umbre and Leo 2) Tamaki played by Erie'li 3) Honey and Mori played by Cici and Si'mon 4) Kyoya played by Sogarn 5) Haruhi played by Mia 6) Concierge played by Leranin Admission Fee: 10,000 GP Tipping is entirely optional Limit 4 Patrons per Host/Host pairing Lavender Beds Ward 8, Plot 58
  7. [align=center][/align] [align=center]The Staff Leranin Sidos (DM) Mia Siserae (Assistant DM) Sogarn Ostergard (Assistant DM) Chell Von'Steinbauer (Assistant DM) [/align] Prelude:The Awakening 10/27/17 Upon slaying Greybeard and finally gaining access to his treasure, the LNC opens it only to find that they have released the souls of the Coven, a fate that Greybeard was trying to deter them from all along. After taking heavy injuries from being possessed by Greybeard in the final battle, Leranin hands the Amulet of the Reverie over to Mia, making her the new Captain. He reveals that the Reverie is alive and siphons aether from the Captain, so the mantle must be passed ever so often lest the Captain perishes. Ultimate Objectives Stop the Coven from strengthening in power and numbers Figure out how to seal the Coven away for good
  8. Synopsis: Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Grand Finale Greybeard's compass begins to glow and act strangely, urging the adventurers to seek the treasure as they all board the Reverie. They are intercepted by the Blackwater Pirates as a massive battle ensues. The Blackwaters manage to steal the compass and take a portal to the Wolves' Den. Upon arriving at the Wolves' Den, the LNC adventurers find the Blackwater Pirates all dead. Greybeard's ghost then casts a maddening spell on all of the adventurers, forcing them to duel to the death until one person remains to be his champion. After devastating rounds pitting friends and lovers against each other, Flora is the last one standing as Greybeard resurrects the others, entrusting the compass to the champion. [align=center][/align] The compass then leads them to a floating island where beneath their feet they find a caged floor with hoards of treasure and on top of the cage lays an unlit black flame candle with a plaque that urges a virgin to light it. Leo takes one for the team as he lights the candle, but Greybeard stops them from advancing as he possesses Leranin and attacks the crew. In the final battle, the crew manages to sever Greybeard's aether source while switching in and out of petrifying cages that was feeding him aether. When Greybeard is slain, Leranin is left gravely injured as a key and box is left from the battle. Cici immediately grabs it, but General Iam tries to get it from her. [align=center][/align] They finally decide to open the box as the treasure beneath them disappears, revealing itself to be a mere illusion as a pillar of red light escapes from the cage, souls of the witches' Coven howl and circle into the air as they've been freed from their prison - something Greybeard was trying to keep them from all along. [align=center][/align]
  9. Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Grand Finale Date: FRI 10/27/17 Time: 9:30PM EST Note: Final event for this Arc, glam competition will follow after RP
  10. Synopsis: Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Scene II 10/7/17 When the crew decided not to pursue the treasure any longer, Greybeard proceeds to curse them all to persuade them to continue. He challenges the crew, bringing out the pirates in them as he says the only way to lift the curse is to go out and steal a particular set of items before midnight lest they turn into his zombie pirate crew. The crew splits up into two groups and raid the residential districts of the Mists and Lavender Beds, using a variety of skill sets to break in and steal these items. Although both teams ran into much trouble, both were successful.
  11. [align=center]Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Scene II Date: 10/7/17 Time: 9:30EST [/align]
  12. Special Event Synopsis:Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie 9/30/2017 The adventurers gathered in the Gypsy and all was well when a mysterious fog rolls in. They notice that all of the LNC officers are missing and the only clues are left with the barhands Durko and Helga. The adventurers split into two groups to go find the whereabouts of their officers. Team Durko Sogarn (DM) Chell (DM) Iam Jocelyn Si'mon Jehxa Erie'li Team Helga Leranin (DM) Mia (DM) Flora Ram Leo Umbre Jellal They received picture clues from the barhands and followed these clues to the last known locations of their missing officers. Team Durko Progression: Limsa Lominsa > Vesper Bay > Horizon's Edge > Black Brush Station Team Helga Progression: Ul'dah > Ruins of Qarn > Summerford > Black Brush Station As the adventurers progressed, the closer they got to their destinations, the more dangerous and difficult their choices had become. Team Helga had to pick to choose to save either Mia or Leranin in a death trap as time was running out. Unable to come to a decision, Leranin plunges into the lava pit, setting Mia free. Team Durko had to choose to save either Chell or Sogarn, and although they chose to pick Sogarn, they pulled the wrong lever that freed Chell instead, Sogarn meeting his untimely end as the cave collapsed on him. In the final destination, Chell and Mia urge the adventurers to hurry as the treasure is near. The adventurers are perplexed that a treasure was mentioned at all. They arrive in a tunnel filled with treasure with train tracks running through as magical chains bound Chell and Mia to the train tracks. The sound of a train grows closer and closer. An eerie voice tells the adventurers that they have to choose to save one of them, or take the treasure. They are unable to make a decision as the train draws near before General Iam makes an executive decision and pulls the Treasure lever while Umbre and Jocelyn are on the tracks trying to stop the train. The train comes through, killing Chell and Mia but leaves all of the others unharmed. The voice of Greybeard echos in the tunnel, telling the adventurers that now they understand what he had to go through. He rewards them with a compass that leads to his treasure, as the ghost treasure around them fades. The adventurers then notice that the pictures have changed, from their officers, to Greybeard's original crew.
  13. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Location: The Gypsy Date: 9/30/17 Time: 9:30PM EST[/align]
  14. [align=center][/align] Glam Competition Winners: 1st Norri and Shesha 2nd Umbre 3rd Leo --------------------------------------------- Masquerade Synopsis: By the time the clock struck midnight, what was seemingly a perfect evening spiraled into chaos with a curious visit from a Primal, attempted murder afoot, and a surprise visit from the killer's husband. All seemed fair as Corbin gathers everyone for the closing ceremony and before she finishes, Azuki mounts a surprise attack on her. Corbin is stabbed in the back with Kemler's accursed sword wielded by Azuki. Azuki barely escapes as the adventurers chase after her. The LNC thought they were rid of the demonic Kemler who possessed Corbin by throwing the sword and coffin into a volcano, but somehow the sword survived... [align=center] [/align]
  15. [align=center]Intermission Event[/align] [align=center] [/align]
  16. Synopsis: Finale Act II Scene IV - Key of the Duelist The adventurers meet up at the new Gypsy as they go over the plan to summon the voidbeast in a aether bare area with the charged aether crystals to slay it once and for all. [align=center][/align] They all arrive in Coerthas where Flora summons the beast as an epic battle ensues. The adventurers having fought part of the beast before, have learned of its strength and weaknesses as they are finally able to subdue the voidbeast long enough for Flora to super charge a final blow to the beast with her enchanted key to Greybeard's treasure in the form of rings on her horns. [align=center][/align] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Preview: Mischief awaited the adventurers at the Gypsy as Admiral Leranin came across an artifact laying around. Upon picking it up, it immediately turns her into a lalafell. She calls Mia into her office and sobs as Mia picks up the sphere to examine it when it suddenly changes her into what the Admiral originally was, an Au Ra. The orb slips out of her hand and rolls across the floor as Corbin walks in, the orb tapping his foot as it instantly changes him into a female Miqo'te. In frustration Mia kicks the orb away as Sogarn comes through the door and picks it up before leaving, the crew finding out later on that he had turned into what Corbin was, a male Miqo'te. Zatrann "Gold Boots" who originally planted the artifact, decides to use it to get his arm back and try and disguise himself as one of the LNC officers. To his complete disappointment, the orb changes him into a voluptuous Hyur female. While studying the orb, the artifact accidentally rolls off the table and ends up turning Si'mon into a female version of his Auri self.
  17. Synopsis: Act II Scene III - Key of the Duelist 9/1/17 (IC Dungeons) Our adventurers were split into three groups and given aether crystals to slay beasts of their own realm in order to drain their aether and empower the crystals. Each group succeeded and few were injured as they celebrated in victory at the Gypsy. Next Event: Finale Act II Scene IV - Key of the Duelist Date: 9/16/17 Time: 9:30EST
  18. Act II Scene III - Key of the Duelist Date: 9/1/17 Time: 9:30PM EST Objective: Defeat the Voidbeast!
  19. [align=center]Synopsis:Act II Scene II - Key of the Duelist 8/25/17 Team 1:North Shards, Mor Dhona Sogarn Ostergard Leranin Sidos Ramleth'ahl Valentine Lithia Silva Erie'li Tainn Yayonzo Poponzo Emma Vikhrov Toppu Neppu Team 2: Antithesis, Azys Lla Flora Erumurus Mia Siserae Rustald Mc'quillen Corbin Von'Steinbauer Zatrann Sunshot Auoren Vanguard Maevis Ceraldur Kor A'thel Umbre Dragonseal [/align] Upon arrival of the two spots of highly concentrated aether, the adventurers split up into two teams in an attempt to summon and do away with the voidbeast that was plaguing Flora. A tear into the void appears as a monstrous arm rips through the tear and attacks the adventurers (One arm in one location, the other arm in the other location). Sogarn's team is able to defeat the void-arm with Leranin's summoned Bahamut and by empowering Erie'li in his massive punch that obliterated the voidbeast's arm. Whereas Flora's team barely makes it out with their lives, Kor and Mia end up tainted with voidblood. Back at the Gypsy, Sogarn and Auoren are able to purge Mia of the voidblood taint in time, but Leranin get's injured via Maevis' accidental arrow while trying to purge Kor. Kor grows violent and rabid before they knock him out and strap him to a bed. A strange rock seems to be glowing in Kor's waist pouch.
  20. Act II Scene II - Key of the Duelist Date: 8/25/17 Time: 9:30PM EST Objective: Summon and defeat the parasitic void beast to save Flora
  21. Synopsis: Act II Scene I - Key of the Duelist 8/18/17 Infected by a parasitic disease leeching her aether during the battle with Gold Boots, Flora comes to the LNC and her allies for aid. Voidsent blood seemed to help quell her symptoms temporarily. Sogarn discovers, through an Allagan tome, her condition may be linked to a creature in the Void feeding off her aether. In an attempt to lure the parasitic creature into their realm, Flora splits the group into two to find a place of highly concentrated aether.
  22. [align=center][/align] [align=center]More Information[/align]
  23. Lamps flickered on as their golden pools of light flooded the docks at the port of Limsa Lominsa. The bustle of the busy port slowly begins to quiet down as sailors and merchants retired to their respective homes or favorite tavern. A tall Elezen male boasting a scar across his cheek stifles a yawn before his tanned Hyur partner nudges him - the two proudly sporting Blackwater Trading Company colors and garb. “Oy--take a look ‘a that creature…” the Hyur motions toward a white-haired Miqo’te as she is beckoning them to come into her “Tavern”. The Elezen shakes his head with his arms crossed as he retorts, “That one looks like trouble,” she gives them a sly wink. “Plus the boss’ll kill us if we leave our post--” he continues before being cut-off by the Hyur, “What the boss dun’t know won’ kill ‘em!” The Hyur gives the Elezen a shove before continuing in jest, “Won’ take you longer than 5 minutes anyway--!” A silver-haired Elezen female joins her companion as she motions to the male Elezen. He quickly responds while counter-shoving his partner, “I’ll need 15 with that one…” The two begin walking toward the tavern as a certain auburn-haired Miqo’te tosses a coin pouch at the white-haired Miqo’te after the men disappeared with other escorts into the tavern. The white-haired Miqo’te turns to speak in a hushed tone, “You have your three minutes.” Mia nods before swiftly taking her leave. Three minutes. 180 heartbeats. She begins counting. 30 She slips into the trading vessel easily without the guards at their post while quickly edging forward toward the armory, mapped out by Sogarn’s notes. 60 The auburn-haired Miqo’te narrowly misses a patrol as she manages to hide behind sacks of potatoes. 90 She is detected by a female Hyur Corsair, but quickly traps her in a temporary ice prison before alarms would sound. 120 Mia finally reaches the armory, finding stacks of barreled gunpowder, she immediately casts a targeting rune beneath them before taking her leave. 150 The alarm is sounded as the female Corsair breaks free of her ice prison. Mia makes a dash for the deck as enemies follow closely behind. 178...179...180 She jumps and dives overboard while triggering the rune, a massive explosion sending the Black Trading Company’s vessel into chaos and turmoil as she swims to a nearby escape dingy. The Captain will give her a good scolding for this one. It was messy. It was loud. But Gods damnit if she was going to let the Blackwater Trading Company get away with roughing up her Quartermaster. [align=center][/align]
  24. [align=center] Act II Scene I - Key of the Duelist Date: 8/18/17 Time: 9:30PM EST Objective: Gather more information about Flora's key[/align]
  25. [align=center][/align] We had a wonderful turnout tonight, thanks to all who came! Competition Winners Glamour 1st Place: Umbre Glamour 2nd Place: Cici Glamour 3rd Place: Yayonzo Long Jump Winner: Cici Raffle Winner: Flora
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