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  1. Tataza Taza is the youngest child to a wealthy merchant in Ul'dah. While her father is not a part of the Syndicate, his business is well known throughout the land. Tataza was a rambunctious but sweet girl growing up, doted on by her eldest sister, and teased by her older brother. But like so many others the Calamity changed her. Her sister's death caused her to become a bit uppity and hotheaded but deep down parts of her formal self still remain wanting desperately to take over the family business to keep her sister's memory alive (she doesn't trust her brother to do a good job). Tataza knew to impress her father she would have to do something big. So she decided to become a gladiator, a not very good one, and representative to spread the family name and business outside of Ul'dah. I'm new to Mateus and rping IG so I'm open to joining a FC or LS if you think we could mesh well. I'm a medium rper as sometimes I just want to level her a bit OOC. I think some possible connections are you knew her, or sister, before the calamity, are a merchant, are traveling a similar path, or are a bodyguard or retainer hired by her father. I'm open to other ideas though. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from someone
  2. I think I know a certain young lady who could be of need of Siban's services. Tataza Taza is the youngest daughter of a wealthy merchant in Ul'dah. Currently she plans to travel as a representative of her father and could always need a traveling companion or someone to take care of things for her while shes back home. I'm new to Mateus and rping in game but I would definitely love to give it a shot.
  3. Hi, Zalera is where my mains are (I use them to play with friends and go through story) but I would be very open to rping with them. They are already in a FC but I think we could work something out. I also made an alt on Mateus so I'm there too. I'm very new to rping in mmorpg but I would love to give it a shot.
  4. Hiya, Seems like we are kinda in the same boat. I'm fairly new to FF14 and this is only my second mmorpg. My rp background comes from chatrooms and tabletop, so I'm inexperienced with rping in game. I've got 2 characters in Zalera so I would be open to us chatting and trying to work something out. You can PM here if you would like. Enjoy the game
  5. Hello, I'm pretty new to FF14 (as of now I've only been playing for 1 month) but I really enjoy it and I'm curious about the RP scene. It says my main server is Zalera, which is true because thats where I do more gameplay focused stuff with my friends. I'm thinking of creating an alt on Mateus but I'm wondering since I will be so low level is it worth it? Anyway onto about me (sorry this is so long) MMORPG background: Guild Wars 2 for a while and actually FF14 when 2.0 first came out (back then I was on Balmung but I didn't have friends to play with or time) RP experience: I've been rping for a few years now but only chatroom versions so doing in game stuff will be different for me Character ideas/info: So far I have 2 characters with fleshed out personalities (a curiosity driven adventurer and a bookish arcana prodigy) on Zalera but I have my possible Mateus alt mostly figured out too (annoyed merchant turned glory seeker). How did you learn about the coalition?: Googled ff14 rp and this came up What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?: Light to medium. I would mostly like to be medium but since is new to me I'm a bit nervous Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?: I'm a cosplayer studying to be an Economist Thanks for taking the time to read this. I've read most of the new people info on the forum but I'm still a bit confused on the best way to get started
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