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  1. Operating more as an independent, incorporeal city-state than as a free company the Reynsholt Excavations company maintains independence from Hydaelyn's politics as its primary and first function. The company, founded by Serani kir Reynsholt a.k.a. Sera Reynolt, is on the outside an engineering and magitek research company that specializes in the construction and repair of heavy machinery used in mining, drilling, and construction; particularly with an emphasis on recycling the anachronistic technologies of Garlean warmachina and the relics of Lost Allag for civilian use. The funds from their more honest work is then used to subsidize the work of the company's adventuresome employees and soldiers, directly offering assistance to those that can not afford to use the adventurers' guilds the expertise of veteran soldiers and adventurers. Services Offered Design Construction Demolition Excavation Security Members of the Board Sera Reynolt - Founder & Research Director Thresh Meiroulf - Co-Founder & Shareholder, job title pending Business Address to be determined, pending estate acquisition
  2. I think the super tallness is mostly so they can be used as trial/raid bosses. MMOs do that thing with making bosses and elites super big so they're easier to target when 10+ people are beating on them.
  3. Seen that quote in a screenshot and it makes me think that half-Garleans could inherit a third eye or something like a vestigial form of the Garlean eye; as he doesn't have any real distinguishing features that look Garlean on his in-game model. MMO developers are known for reusing already-present racial assets for exotic characters to save on their budget. Square did this with Highlander females in 1.0 if I recall just placing in Midlander females to stand in for them.
  4. I haven't actually gotten through the 3.0 storyline yet so I'll have to go find a screenshot for Arenwald.
  5. A question came to mind while trying to find more lore on the Garleans. I'm sure that being a conquering empire there have been times where soldiers have taken 'trophies' from a subjugated populace. Do only pure-blood Garleans gain a third eye? Is a Garlean actually Hyuran/Human or another race entirely? And if Garleans can interbreed with other Hyur or the various races how would the children of such union be treated? Would they be on the lowest rung of society or somewhere in the middle?
  6. Have you ever tried to paint a chocobo blue?
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