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  1. That clears up some of it, such as why they gravitated toward pre-calamity Coerthas. AFAIK, we don't know what happened to the rest of the Orl tribe, or what other tribes/groups arrived in Ishgard and were killed alongside Sidurgu's family. Since Orl is not seen on the official list of known tribes, it's possible that they were wiped out earlier and his parents moved to Othard to escape the slaughter, but that is purely speculation.
  2. IC (Some light background spoilers for Stormblood MSQ and the 60-70 Warrior questline.) Suren is a man from the Oronir tribe who left the Azim Steppe during Magnai's rule as khagan, less than a year before the events of Stormblood. Although he takes the characteristic pride of an Oronir from his father, his mother was a Qereli exile - one of the "Taken" who succumbed to the "inner beast" lurking within her tribe's axefighters, known to them as the "will of Karash." During his early years, she raised him in isolation within the mountains, and trained him in the ways of the axe and the hunt, as well as tapping into the beastly will that had consumed her. Even since her son was born, she instilled in him shreds of the same power and insanity that sealed her own fate. Later, he was sent off to grow up as a proper child of the Oronir, and his father accepted him out of remorse despite the tensions it created. Even though he possessed terrifying skill as a fighter, the violent impulses it hinged upon earned him the fear and ire of his tribesmen. Unlike his mother, he was closer to the true method of harnessing the inner beast, which was altogether unknown to the Qerel and the Steppe at large. However, he was aware of the danger he posed and took care to avoid situations that fully drew it out - hunting fiercer prey alone and failing to put forth his full strength in tournaments. This persisted until he eventually eloped with a woman of the Qalli tribe in a sequence of violent events that sealed his departure. From there on, the pair took respite in Kugane and set out to travel the lands of Eorzea: often together, often apart. Although he lacked marketable talents outside his brute strength, perhaps that was all an adventurer really needed. tl;dr: He's a Xaela tribesman turned adventurer, resembling a canon Warrior with a somewhat questionable grasp on his violent impulses. His backstory is a lot more fleshed out than this, including the why of each event - I've got most of it written out and I might make a wiki page later - but the details are not really relevant to interacting with him. OOC I just freshly transferred onto Mateus. I'm not new to the game at all (I've done most of this Savage tier), and I'm not new to ingame RP either, but I know almost nothing about this server in particular. If anyone could point me toward RP hubs or FCs that might interest me, I would appreciate it very much, and I'm also happy to make new friends, since once again, I'm completely new to the community. I look forward to getting to know everyone. My character doesn't have a set location, so starting points are flexible. I'm open to any kind of RP except for romance/ERP due to the circumstances of the character. In particular I would love interactions with other Xaela, since they are (ostensibly) rare sights outside the Steppe in canon. I'm also open to plotting established connections, though that would definitely be easier with other Xaela. Discord available by PM.
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