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  1. Udhel

    Miqo'te and Thavnair

    It does, thanx a bunch.. I realize these might be some hard questions to answer if there is no information about it out there, just wanted to see if anyone knew anything I'd missed, or had noticed something I didn't... Also thanx for the links
  2. Udhel

    Miqo'te and Thavnair

    Hi folks, I've been trying to figure out as much as possible about Thavnair, specially in relation to the Miqo'te, since that's where I want my seeker to be from... However, there are two (actually three) "simple" questions that I have not been able to find the answers to, hoping you guys can help me out... So here are my questions: 1. Do you guys think/know if there are miqo'te (preferably seekers) that originate from Thavnair (as in having long roots in Thavnair, rather than being travelers/merchants or sons/daughters of these)? The lore book said that the miqo'te tribes crossed the sea from southern Ilsabard to Eorzea, which is pretty damn close to Thavnair... 2. I've heard that Thavnairian culture could be based/inspired by either Arabian or Indian/Hindu culture, does anyone know which one? (if there is not enough information about any of these questions out there, I do welcome speculations and theories). I would really like it to be middle-eastern inspired (since I'm half middle-eastern), but then again we already have Ul'dah and Ala Mhigo, with that same "theme" (as well as Rabanastre, even though it's just a raid it used to be an ancient kingdom, also inspired by the middle-east). 3. (very optional question, probably based more on hunches or theories you guys might have, rather than actual lore info) Considering that it's very unlikely that these miqo'te would have the same naming system (and maybe also culture) than the Eorzean ones, what do you guys think their names and culture could be like? For my character I simply have a middle-eastern sounding name for now, until we get to know more about Thavnair... I'd also like for him to be the son of a wealthy trader/merchant, however if they have the same "tribe" culture as in Eorzea it's probably very likely that most of them are also amongst the lowest of the "social classes", like it seems most miqo'te in Eorzea are...