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  1. No longer looking for FC, but contacts are still welcome. o/
  2. Hallo! Now usually I prefer sun cattes, but I went and added a Keeper to my alt army. Turns out I rather like her. Quite a bit, even. Problem is she has next to no contacts at all and so I've not roleplayed as her much for a long time which is something I'd love to change and so I reach out to you! But why don't I just go and hang out in Quicksand like everybody else? I don't do well with crowds. It's always been like that regardless of the MMO I roleplay in. It gets easily overwhelming to try and stay on track with what's going on when the chatlog is constantly rolling
  3. Sweet! I've sent you a PM regarding some details.
  4. Hey hey! First of all, apologies for the very long post. Now, onto the meat of the matter! Welcome to my cryout for contacts. I've been on Mateus for some time now mainly just quietly preparing my character for RP. Got that done a while ago and been getting some RP done too, but I'd like something specific for my character... Healers! Of any sort. Doesn't matter whether they do it by waving a wooden stick(preferably not beating with it tho) or brewing potions and medicine, it's welcome. My character has, for the foreseeable future, a life-long problem. Her legs. Every now and th
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