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    Bright green eyes I met someone in Gridania today. A rather curious character, but in a pleasant kind of way. Something about her entranced me, kept me nervous and wanting more, all at the same time. Maybe it was her sweet tone, her graceful figure or the fact that she stole the innkeep's pen before me. No, clearly it was her bright green eyes.
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    mateus Catherina Renard

    Solitude What's this? All is... ugh, lucide dream again. As if being awake wasn't already just an illusion. Lonely, even in dreams. Who are you? I don't even know anymore. I once... had a name. You are nobody. I know. No one knows you. They don't. Why are you fleeing? I-I'm not. You had everything. No... that's not true. Now you are alone. I'm not, I have... friends. Do they treat you as such? I... don't know. There is only one thing. Solitude. Why do you try do be nice to people? Do I need a reason?
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    mateus Catherina Renard

    Minding my own business Diary traces, 5 years ago. Last night, I tip toed through the corridors to reach my husbands office in order to wish him a good night. He was working late, flooded by paperwork, so I thought a good night kiss would cheer him up. Upon reaching the office, I heard is voice in an almost whisper. I would have sworn we were alone in the mansion, just the two of us, but it is not rare that he has business partners invited, even that late in the night. As much as I heard his voice, I could not hear the interlocutor so I approached the door, peeking through the gap. There he was, my newly wed husband, talking to himself in the middle of the room. At first I assumed he was thinking out loud, but he was very expressive, walking left and right. At times, he almost looked angry, which is the very first time I see him this way. Clearly, something had gone wrong, but he does not like it when I try to put my nose in his business affairs, as he says it. It was late at night, so I decided not to disturb him and simply made my way to bed. --- It's been almost a sennight since I saw my dear husband speak outloud and succeeded in forgetting the event. Although this night, it happened again. I was on my way to the library when I heard his voice aloud, coming from his office. Curious, I tip toed to the massive door of his office to peek through a gap left opened. This time though, he seemed to be speaking to a specific direction, to a wall to a painting on the south wall, to be precise. The creepy part is I remember this painting being of his great grand mother. I want to mind my own business, but I must take a look at this painting the next time he leaves the mansion. --- This afternoon, my husband had a meeting with the mining company's officers. I took this brief window of opportunity to slip into the house office and investigate. How I feel dishonest and untrusting, but I really have tu fulfil this curiosity, it's stronger than me. I made haste since I figured I had a bell or so before my husband would be back home for the day. Luckily, the door wasn't locked, which surprises me now, but I thought nothing of it. I tried to picture myself back to that last night where I watched him speak outloud to the painting. I placed myself in front of the massive painting, staring the great grand mother straight in the eyes for a minute or two. Silly me, I even said hello, trying to catch a reaction. Nothing. Though I realized the picture was slightly crooked, so I placed my hands on it to level it, but it wouldn't budge. Analysing it's positioning on the wall, I felt hinges on it's side, allowing the painting to open like a door. I stood there, surprised, before a safe, hidden behind my husband's great grand mother's painting. It was as if she guarded something. I suddenly thought it was even more strange that my husband would be speaking to a locked safe. It then struck me that maybe he was talking to something inside. The idea of it still sends me chills. --- Am I being greedy and curious? I went to the rogues guild and paid a hefty amount to a stranger to pick the safe's lock. He his a young man, barely more than a child, but I was told he was the best with lock boxes and safes. I'm definitely going too far, why is this obsessing me so much? I sometimes wonder if I simply want to know what's inside or want it for myself. In a few moons, my husband will be away on a congress, that will me the perfect time. The stranger of the rogue's guild is to meet me under the cover of night and crack open the safe. What could possibly be in there? Why am I anticipating the worst? --- Gods help me, something terrible happened. Is it my own prying, or even envy, that caused such harm. The hired rogue was found dead by the gardner, barely a malm from the estate. As I was the first one noticed, I hurried to witness the dead man. There was no visible signs of struggle. No marks, no blood, just death. Gods forgive me I disturbed his rest by searching his pockets. All I found was the key of the estate I left to the contact along with a piece of paper. I cowardly asked the gardner to bury the man and to keep it between us. My search stops here, I cannot bear to risk anybody else's life out of mear curiosity. Or envy.
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    mateus Catherina Renard

  5. Elen

    mateus Catherina Renard

    Hell's Bells! It is known, or at least believed, that black magic comes from the manipulation of the environment's aether for the purpose of destruction. But for one travelling the lands, one's environment changes. How can a mage recognize the aether to manipulate in a specific environment if it's ever stranger sights. Most black mages would probably keep their nose in books to study different surroundings, far and wide, some, staying in their sky high towers, would not even bother. Others, if lucky enough, would get a small magical trinket called a hell bell. This round bell, about the size of a prune, reacts to aether, changing it's colour. Usually gold, it gives out a feint glowing aura, reacting to the type of aether carried in the air. The spectrum of the bell is wide, ranging from fiery red to void heavy violet.
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    mateus Catherina Renard

    Escaping reality Born under a different name, Catherina grew up in a small costal house near the Moraby drydocks with her parents, Rosa and Benjamin. She lead quite a normal life as she studied thaumaturgy in Ul'dah. After her parents passing, at a young age, she moved back to Limsa Lominsa. She met a nice and promising young man while she worked as a weaver. This handsome midlander had quite a good fortune on his side, so when they got united by eternal bonding, Catherina could stop working and concentrate on furthering her studies. At least, that was the plan at first. The once good natured hyur proved to be a oppressive individual, spending more time with other rich thugs, leading her into a miserable life of restriction. Multiple times, she tried to run away from the mansion, only to be brought back by corrupt lackeys. One day, she found the opportunity to expand her knowledge into the forbidden arts of black magic, which she studied under moonlight for five years. When she gathered enough strength and trust, she escaped her husbands clutches for good to hide from society for a year and a half, burning every bridges that she left behind. Ready to face civilisation once more, she travelled to Ul'dah where she changed her name to erase her past and start anew.
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    mateus Catherina Renard

    Character profile Name : Catherina Renard Race and gender : Hyur, midlander, female Age : Close to 25 Main class/job : Black mage Free Company : The Black Garden Co. GC allegiance : Immortal Flames Physical traits : Shoulder length auburn hair, fair/medium skin tone Martial status : In a relationship with C'reiyah Rahven Sexual orientation/attraction : pansexual (gender/race), kinsey scale 3 Player profile I. Basic Info Characters:Catherina Renard, Sypha Belnad'des (alt) Primary character:Catherina Renard Linkshells:None Primary RP linkshell:None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm used to heavy, though I've slowed down lately to take some more "me" time. Other than "technical/logistic dungeon/raid party chat", I'm always IC, even when questing! Although kind of timid to make the first steps, I'm always willing for all kind of RP, as long as it's respectful. Views on RP combat and injuries: I had my first experiences with a RP combat system about 2 years ago and I think it's awesome. As long as everyone is treated with equal chances, I'm all in! Views on IC romance: I'm a sucker for romance. Even if it's not exclusive, I love living and roleplaying deep and rich romance. Bring me flowers and I'll melt. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I don't think I've roleplayed family ties. I've also always built friendship while roleplaying, building and living it for "real". Family ties are usually included in the background, without putting them on the field. Views on lore: I respect and play with the canon lore at 100%. I just wish I knew more! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): For me, Say and Tell are IC, Yell and FC are OOC, Party and Linkshell have various roles. III. Other Info Country:Canada Timezone:EST -0500 Contact info:Pray [align=center][glow=blue]~More character information below!~[/glow][/align]