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  1. So, I'm looking to try a newer character who at least game & mechanics wise is a 'Black Mage' but I want her to be more...focused in her elements. Either a fire mage or an frost mage for example. Basically just a normal mage without the whole 'highly illegal and controversial' aspect of it. But I don't think there's ever an example of that in the world of 14. I'll admit my knowledge about BLM/Thaumaturge lore is pretty low outside of the fact it's some pretty dark and bad magic that draws the Aether out of the world and uses the void, so I'm not entirely sure it's feasible in the 14 world but I just want to make sure you can actually make a standard frost/fire mage without all the evil/bad/controversial parts before I go and make a fool of myself in an RP setting.
  2. I mean I get what you're saying but that's not entirely helpful? lol
  3. (Quick note- Before anyone complains to me, yes I have read ALL the "Raen naming conventions" links and tumblrs, went to all the Japanese to English translating websites I can think of, and it's quite honestly the most infuriating thing I've ever done lol.) I'm not saying I wanna name a Raen guy "Kevin" but I've been banging my head against the wall for an hour trying to find relatively good IC Raen names and the most I've managed to come across is something with Kiba/Kabuto or Kanago. My Raen dude is gonna (at least RP Wise) be dragoon based so I'm trying to find something in JP that's based around Agility/Speed/Fang/Dragons etc and I might as well be doing calculus for all the worth it's been. I know all the lore for Raen's is about them being secluded and not like the Xaela and 16-18th century Edo but nothing sounds good. So I ask the question, could I just name a Raen...a normal name? Again, not quite along the lines of "Kevin Smith" but something to get me out of this hell I've put myself in.
  4. Eh, I suppose that's true. But to me it still shows the difference. Mateus people use it enough that almost 200 people show up at anytime with the RP tag while Omega it peaks at like 14-15. RP tag/info notes (You know, the M/E/RP blah blah blah stuff) are really the only way I can gauge RP on the server at the moment. And both of those are kind of sparce there.
  5. Well great...now where the hell else are people supposed to go? lol For all the Omega (EU) talk? It's pretty dead in terms of RP. You do a RP tag search and like 12 or less people show up but do it on Mateus and like 160 show up in the search so it's like....lol
  6. Can Miqo'te be pure-blooded Garleans? I've noticed they're the only other race in the game that has something in the middle of the forehead, that little red gem. Unless that means something else?
  7. How's Omega on EU? I'm in the US and have a few characters on Mateus and I've pretty much accepted I'll never get onto Balmung so I'm looking to at least create a new character on a different type of hub. Really sucks there aren't designated RP servers and I have to scour the net to find sub-par answers. "There's some RP on Jenova" "There might be some on Cactuar" "I think Lich has some RP too" etc
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