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  1. Hello, if you wind up still looking, I would like to recommend potentially looking at my FC, Knights of Eorzea. We are a good match for someone who is interested in a multifaceted FC that uses an overarching plot to tie events together for everyone, using simple character sheets and a FATE based system to introduce some randomness to encounters. However, dice is not the end-all of RP. We try to incorporate characters' personal stories into the parts of the plot that use sheets when applicable, and character development is encouraged in between GMed encounters. IC, we consist of an adventurer branch and a tavern branch with optional participation in either or both. The IC intentions of the group are good aligned and often humanitarian in nature, in between facing some villainy as well as freeform downtime. We have a very creative community of housing designers, GMs, video editors, writers and artists of varying kinds who are always looking to meet interesting new characters and OOC friends who feel they might mesh. We also encourage those who are interested in such to pick up GMing themselves down the line if they feel comfortable with trying it out, though this is not mandatory. If interested, we do a website app then an IC interview. If you would like to meet someone before applying, our leader is Ryslo Suramlo. Airis Sakuragi administrates Luminous, our tavern. Or you can contact me Waht'ya Zangholo with any questions. https://www.knightsofeorzea.com Much of our info is in the link bar at the top. Happy FC hunting!
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