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  1. rinslette

    Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Trust fund baby with the IQ of a popoto goes to med school
  2. rinslette

    Hello! New to Balmung!

    Thank you so much!
  3. rinslette

    Hello! New to Balmung!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rinslette, Rins for short and I've been playing FFXIV since 2015. I usually play on Diabolos but ever since Balmung opened up, I wanted to give MMO RPing a try! Love how interactive the community is and I hope to meet lots of people! Here's a little about me and my character... MMORPG background I've been playing MMOs since the Ragnarok Online days years ago. Other than RO, I never really got into other MMOs until FFXIV and I've been playing that since. I play mainly on Diabolos but recently started playing on Balmung and Mateus to try out RPing in game. Hoping to find a fun and laid-back group of RPers to join! RP experience While I've never RPed in game, I do RP pretty frequently in lit format with friends or in RP groups on DeviantART. You can check out my DeviantART here! I'm definitely much more of an artist than I am writer but I still enjoy RP regardless. Character info: Haname Yumishi A young, female Raen from Sui-no-Sato. Her family comes from a long line of royal physicians serving the Ruby Princess. While humble, her family is very strict on tradition. Despite born with delicate looks, Haname lacks the grace and dexterity to become a competent medic like her ancestors before her. In fact, she's quite dim-witted and inept, having more physical strength than expected for someone her size along with a hard head (literally). She is wishy-washy and has trouble making decisions on her own. She also comes off as meek, mundane, and sluggish. Because of her lack of skills and her absent-mindedness, her family decided to send her overseas to study among the Conjurers of Gridania. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for getting into trouble. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Medium to heavy. I get really drawn into the lore of FFXIV and I love creating characters and connections! Watching characters grow through interaction is something I love. A little about me I work a full-time job in finance (which surprisingly, I ended up loving even though it sounds kind of boring) and I also do freelance art here and there in my free time. I've done contract work for NTT Solmare (they own the Shall We Date mobile Otome games), RoosterTeeth (RWBY in particular), and a few other smaller companies. My main focus when it comes to art is character designs, full illustrations, and concept art. My free time is also spent playing games, mostly FFXIV, watching movies or TV series, or binge playing mobages. I'm also a huge foodie and do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!