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  1. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it I made an alt on Mateus as you said, and checked the quicksand, it was really nice thanks for the advice, unfortunately I was too shy to engage into conversation, anyway, I know that eventually I'll get into action. Again thanks for the welcoming guys
  2. Hello guys, I'm Kari (or Kairi in game), and I'm coming back to FFXIV, but since I don't remember a single thing about the gameplay, I decided to start a new character, and this time I would like to do some RP. The only problem is that, I've never done RP in an MMO before, and also English is not my first language, so I'm afraid to annoy people somehow. That said, I would really love some tips, if you guys could, or maybe a mentor? /o/ Anyway, here some info if that would help. MMORPG Background To be honest, the only MMO I've played massively was Ragnarok online, after that I only played offline games, and mostly RPGs. RP Experience I used to play in chats and things of the sort... And does tabletop rpg games count? Character ideas/info My characters tend to be neutral and serious. But, this time, I'm trying something different and doing a clumsy/happy miqo'te.. but I'm not sure yet What kind of a role´╗┐-player are you aimingto be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) since I'm a newbie of the sort I'd say I'm want to start it light, but aiming to be a heavy role-played And something about me... I really love Otome games/novel games, and sometimes I like to write silly stuff with a friend.
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