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  1. I made a wiki for Ruckus if anyone's interested. This is also totally a bump. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Stampede_Ruckus
  2. Time Zone: EST Location: Balmung RP Methods: In Game/Discord How to contact me: PM here, or ask me for my Discord Looking For: Romance/Friends RP Type: M/RP Dark RP but I love lots of fluff and build up About the character Stampede Ruckus is the personification of a gentle giant. Standing over 8 and a half feet tall, and covered in all manner of battle scars and old tattoos of runes of protection. He has changed a lot since coming to Ul'Dah. He first was a socially inept Roe, but has become more accustom to his new life but still refers to himself in the third person when talking. He has had very violent and gruesome past which still haunts him and continues to interfere with his life. He fights using his hands, and a brick tied to a chain as well as geomancy. He enjoys picking flowers and working at the bar and fight arena he owns called "The Bloody Knuckle." He also helps his friends when they undertake jobs as a mercenary group. He talks to animals using a echo that he still does not understand saying "How can Ruckus have echo? we are not in cave?" He has many things you can discover in RP with him like when he says he has died 8 times before. He also canonically tells dad jokes! He is currently looking for a woman to build a relationship with, but also enjoys making new friends! Example of my RP: Ruckus walked through the door looking around at the surrounds of the house. "Oh! Ruckus enjoys your house! It little small for Ruckus but not mind!" He took a seat in the chair trying his best to not take up much room, but it was hard considering his size. "So! Ruckus has been told you want to know more about Ruckus?" He put a finger on his chin "Hmmmm...Oh! Ruckus knows jokes! What are bald sea captains most afraid of? Cap Sizes!" He bit his lip holding back a chuckle. About the Player: Well Im the player so it is what it is! Im really laid back and I have been RP-ing since I was 16 so coming up on 10 years. Its a huge outlet for me that I really enjoy. Im normally around on discord when Im not at school but I normally respond very quickly. Also be aware that I know I have spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in my posts and I apologize. I spent some time in a coma a while back and my dexterity will never truly come back, but I do try my best to make sure Im clear, and If you ever have any questions feel free to ask! Also as iv been asked alot before if I do "ERP" for some reason, and I do but Ruckus is very clear on wanting to know the person alot before hand n stuff. So let me know if you want to be friends with a kind Roe!
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