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  1. I am new to RP, and I have created a bar/lounge for RP on Balmung. From 8-10 I will be opening my doors @Lavenderbeds Plot23 Ward 7 for everyone who wants to stop by. I am looking for Actors, guards, and possible waitress/waiters!
  2. First Name: Naru

    Last Name: Hotarubi

    Age: 26

    Race: Aura Raen

    At the young age of 5, Naru was beaten and abused by his family and left to die on the streets of Ul'dah.

    His anger only grew and fueled by hatred, he took up mercenary jobs at the age of 11. In an attempt to relinquish some of that burning anger, he continued to cut down foe after foe.

    One day, during one of his hunts his eyes took a huge blow from the blunt force from a kobold. This left his sight impaired. With only his father's shirt to spare, Naru created a bandage for his eyes. 

    With Naru's sight becoming impaired, the Raen began to train his senses for future battle. Carrying a blunt axe, or a sharp large sword, Naru slays his foes without mercy to protect what he has come to love; the city of "Ul'dah".

    Like's: Soft music, Aura/Miqo'te women, hugs, and alcohol.

    Dislikes: Being told what to do, bright areas, and having his tail touched.

    Personality: Gentleman by heart, Caring to the ones he loves, some what of a ass, and very sarcastic.

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